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On Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 6, "The Snowmen," The Doctor runs into a woman who looks just like Oswin Oswald who was turned into a Dalek, but her name is Clara. 

The Doctor is absolutely shocked to discover a doppelganger of Oswin Oswald in Victorian England. She doesn't appear to recognize him, and it's not a surprise as she couldn't possibly be the same girl who inhabited the Dalek as they are centuries apart.

Madam Vastra, Jenny Flint and Strax are on hand to assist The Doctor fight a great darkness as he creates an army of evil snowmen, a nod back to the early days of Doctor Who and "The Abominable Snowmen."

Other nods were recognizable throughout the installment - one being said repeatedly by the villains was "Winter is coming!" You'll have to see it to believe it, but there were no Starks to be found.

The Doctor and Clara form a fast and easy friendship that quickly turns to flirtation. The Doctor eagerly shows the young woman some of his Doctor's secrets. Is that really a good thing, especially so soon after they meet? 

As a Christmas gift to viewers, there is a newly redesigned TARDIS that is unveiled that has a sleeker, cleaner look and is far less busy than its previous incarnation. 

But what about the snowmen? Do they take over? Do The Doctor and Clara really fall for each other or do they just... fall? You'll have to watch Doctor Who online below to find out!

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