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On Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 9, "Cold War," The Doctor and Clara find themselves on board a nuclear submarine from the 1980s.

This particular submarine's biggest threat isn't its nuclear capacity, but the 5,000 year old Martian that its transporting. With any luck, it will be misunderstood and just looking for some love.

Did you ever wonder what happens when the TARDIS leaves The Doctor and his companion high and dry in the middle of the ocean, stranded on a submarine? You're about to find out.

Have you ever hoped to hear an old sailor sing a few bars of Duran Duran's "Hungry Like a Wolf"? What about seeing The Doctor in a pair of sunglasses like Elvis sported in his later years? You're going to be in a might good mood after catching this Doctor Who installment. Like most of us, those who are under water for long periods of time are absolutely shocked to discover the great band Ultravox split up. The nerve!

For a flash to the past, a bit of a claustrophobic romp, Doctor-style, while searching for a 5,000 year old misunderstood Martian, get in on the fun when you watch Doctor Who online below!

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Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

The Doctor: Very dangerous time Clara. East and West standing on the brink of nuclear oblivion. Lot's of itchy fingers on the button.
Clara: Is it always like that?
The Doctor: So far, but there are flash points and this is one of them. Hair, shoulder pads,'s the '80s. Everything is bigger.

Five thousand years? That's a hell of a nap. No wonder you got out on the wrong side of the bed.

The Doctor