Grimm Review: Believing the Myth

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Juliette’s version of science in a Grimm-world takes center stage on Grimm Season 3 Episode 6.

Demon Possession

Much like Grimm Season 3 Episode 5, this installment is very much working Juliette and her specific skillset into the mix as quickly as possible; it’s very much a rite of passage that everyone goes through.

Thankfully, Juliette’s enthusiasm is tapered to fit the situation, and, while I have no idea if her science is sound or not (not that it matters too much in a show like Grimm) since I’m a math guy, she’s a remarkably better character now. It’s taken a few seasons, but Nick’s support system has really grown. When he discovered he was a Grimm, Nick only had Monroe to lean on and help him with this new side of life.

As Nick’s life grew more hectic, and his job and “job” began to entangle Hank quickly joined the ranks. Nick’s life at home with Juliette is the final piece.

Getting back to the point, Juliette acts like a member of the team. She’s offering solutions and insight, and I’m willing to look past the idea of teams of doctors not asking the right questions because she’s contributing.

The “Grausen” is a very interesting take on what’s become standard Grimm fare, and it’s a pathogen that so rarely infects a human that the Wesen, Grimms, and Royals all got together to banish the victim – thinking they were possessed. I’ve really come to enjoy the episodes that expand the scope and richness of the world; these entries might not propel the main plot forward, but they do expose the history. In a show that gives ancestry and past generations so much weight and value expanding the canvas with the personalities, thoughts, whims, and knowledge of the prior generations is appreciated.

Daniel’s Grausen affliction is really just a catalyst for bringing the Wesen Council into the show and bringing Nick to their attention since Nick lives up to the rumors. It’s difficult to predict what this council sees in Nick, but with Renard’s “vacation” to Vienna I’m thinking their goals won’t be hidden for very long.

Monroe and Rosalee having differing opinions over Daniel and Wesen law begins to highlight the differences between them. Monroe’s always been a bit of rule breaker, so his decision to not inform the council makes perfect sense. Rosalee’s decision to tell the council is a little bit of a mismatch to her personality. She’s always willing to bend the rules and help Nick out, but she might draw the line as Wesen law. She’s clearly not willing to break it just from the inflection in her voice as she’s arguing with Monroe.

At least their disagreement didn’t bring a wedge between them.

Renard’s field trip to Vienna is mostly ambiguous. It’s enjoyable to watch on screen; there were some cool action sequences, but we’re left, as usual, in the dark in regards to the story.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • The birds and the Wesen talk! Rosalee and Monroe break it down for us! Two Wesen of the same kind have a child of their kind, a human and Wesen have a 50/50 shot of having a Wesen child, and two different species was just a German word, but I’m guessing it might be a hybrid child.
  • The marking on the hands of the Wesen who attacked Renard, is that something we’ve seen before?
  • Great to see Nick contributing to the journals again.

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