South Park: Watch Season 17 Episode 10 Online

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South Park Season 17 Episode 10, the long-running Comedy Central staple's farewell to 2013, was sure to hit home for any fans, or haters, of Kim Kardashian.

Heck, anyone remotely familiar with who Kim Kardashian is could appreciate South Park Season 17 Episode 10's lampooning of the reality star and her fiance.

In this pop culture-centric installment, Wendy tries to prove how much pressure little girls feel to look like celebrities. Kim, of course, was the poster child.

This well-thought-out premise and meaningful arc for Wendy, combined with the return of Kanye West and all the hilarious references therewith, made for many laughs.

Overall, it was another high note for the series, and we recommend you check it out for yourself. Click to watch "The Hobbit," South Park's season finale, below!