The Mentalist Round Table: "Green Thumb"

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Things haven't gone exactly according to plan for Patrick Jane…unless his plan was to spend three months in a Federal detention suite.

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by The Mentalist fans Entwife, Neha, and Foresti Purge to discuss their thoughts on Agent Kim Fischer and whether or not they'd get a psychic reading from Patrick Jane.

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Were you surprised by the three month time jump with Jane in detention and Lisbon back in Washington state?

Entwife: I have to say I was completely shocked by this! Two years and now three months. And in isolation? Not allowed to get Lisbon's letters? I was more than surprised. I was angry. I thought it was cruel. Abbott and Fischer were trying to make his life as painful as possible in order to get him to accept indentured servitude with the FBI. I thought it was sickening.

Neha:  I was surprised, yes. I was expecting the episode to begin with them fighting Abbott on his 'list'. It does go to show how much he wanted to work with Lisbon though, if he is willing to wait that long and not break out.

Foresti Purge: Nope. It would have been too unrealistic if the FBI changes its mind overnight.

Christine: I wasn't expecting it but it does show that Abbott's no push over. He just didn't know who he was dealing with. Isolation doesn't bother Jane if he can have a comfy place to sit and his tea. 

The Mentalist Round Table 1-27-15

What are your thoughts so far on Agent Kim Fischer?

Entwife: I thoroughly dislike her. She is a cold manipulator and has no feeling for Jane except how to turn him into a tool for the FBI, her tool. She is a bully, in my opinion, harsh, and the end seems to perfectly justify the means to her. That FBI scene is full of cold, grim people!

Neha:  Agent Fisher is a good character and I like the chemistry between Jane and her, but I don't know what the point of introducing her as a regular is. Maybe we'll find out later in the season. So far though she's just like a side act for me, like it really wouldn't matter if she wasn't around.

Foresti Purge:  Poor woman. She thought she had Jane under control, when of course all of us know she didn't. I look forward to seeing how she manages Jane from now on, though. Managing Jane isn't impossible; Hightower once had succeeded at forcing Jane to respect her terms. I want to see how Fischer and Abbott deal with him.

Christine: Jane needs a foil and now he has two in Abbott and Fischer. Jane is obviously nothing she expected and he's enjoying toying with her. I also like how Cho put her in her place when he berated a team member for losing Jane. I'm not attached to her yet but it could be entertaining to see how they all interact going forward.

Did you think Jane had really broken Bertram's code?

Entwife: I thought he had for sure. And, I thought Abbott really reacted to Jane telling him he had names of corrupt law enforcement all over the country. It made me think he might be dirty himself. How awful would that be, for them to be working under yet another corrupt boss? Well, I'm sure that plot development is waaaaaay down the road. But interesting.

Neha:  No, I knew there was a fair chance he was bluffing, but you never know with Jane anymore. When he told Lisbon though, it gave me this great feeling I used to get in the earlier seasons when he put up an act like that.

Foresti Purge: I did. This is Jane, after all. Patrick Jane never tells the truth when a lie will do. If he said he hadn't, it can only mean he had.

Christine: I really thought he'd done it. I can only imagine what Abbott's reaction will be when he realizes he's been played but maybe by then Jane will have really cracked the code.

Would you want a psychic reading from Patrick Jane?

Entwife: Sure! It would be fun! I'm sure he would blow my mind! And I'd already know it was a fake psychic reading, so I could just enjoy the fun.

Neha:  Of course I would, even if I don't believe in psychics. It would be so entertaining!

Foresti Purge: Me? Nah. Like Jane, I don't believe in such things.

Christine: I don't believe but I'm fascinated by the con when it's done well and it would be such fun to see how well Jane could pull it off. I'm all in.

Weigh in on Jane's beard. Keep it or shave it?

Entwife: I love the way it looks in the sunlight, so bright and pretty with his hair. The way he is now, it sort of makes him look more scruffy than anything. I'd kind of like him to shave it off and see his pretty smooth skin instead. I think it would make him look younger, and more ruggedly handsome even with the weathering.

Neha:  I would say, keep the beard, loose the wrinkled suit. I mean, haven't we had enough of his hobo look already? I mean, it's hot and all In a "I am trying to figure my life out" kinda way, but I think I miss his vest.

Foresti Purge: Absolutely keep it. He looks rougher like that. You know, more like a free man.

Christine: I usually don't like beards but I'm a fan of this scruffy look on Jane. I keep waiting for Lisbon to reach out and touch it!

What was your favorite scene?

Entwife: The conversation between them on the airplane where Lisbon stood up for herself that she wouldn't allow Jane to take over her life at his whim. Her words about him not being in her life for two years really cut him and she felt bad for it, especially in light of his letters. But letters are not being there. She curbed and cuffed him and he accepted it. It was sad and hurt to watch, but it's the deepening of their relationship that I've been looking for, and I can't wait to see more!

Neha: I am a Lisbon fan, so the airplane scene where she finally tells him how self absorbed he has been, has to be my favorite. I think, that is the only real conversation they have had since his return. There was also that conversation between Cho and Fisher, about Jane. And that Cho scene about the road runner, I love Cho!

Foresti Purge: In hindsight, my favorite scene is when Jane asked $20 from Lisbon. Think: Who needs $20 for a hot dog? That's when I realized he's been planning his escape all along. He needs that much money to buy pen, stamp, envelope, and spray paint. When I rewatched the scene, I was absolutely impressed--this man is a genius!

Christine: As much as I loved Lisbon finally telling him off on the plane, my favorite scene was at the end. Jane just radiated joy when Lisbon told him she'd be taking the job with the FBI and they'd work together. And his reaction to the socks was incredibly sweet. It just had me wishing we didn't have to wait until January 5th to see more. 

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