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Patrick Jane has been held in a Federal detention suite for three months. 

Abel Schneiderman an federal banking analyst disappears and the FBI wants Jane on the case. He only agrees if Lisbon flies in from Washington State to help.

Jane figures out that Abel's wife is a former gypsy who gave up the life for him. After meeting with the wife in their Brooklyn home, Jane escapes from the FBI. 

FBI Junior IT Analyst Jason Wiley gives Cho a lead on finding Jane. Jane painted a sign with an arrow pointing to him. The FBI arrest him while he waits for them eating a hot dog. Jane points them to a dead body on the roof of Abel's building.

The body was the wife's psychic. Abel thought he was having an affair with his wife and killed him. When his landlord saw him moving the body, the former Vietnamese gang member decided to kidnap Abel and ransom him back to the Feds. Cho and Fischer arrest both Abel and the landlord.

When Agent Abbott threatens to prosecute Jane if he won't accept the FBI's deal, Jane shows him a list. He claims he's decrypted Bertram's list and has the names of the remaining Black Associates but he won't hand them over until after his contract with the FBI is over. 

After telling Jane off for ditching her yet again, Lisbon eventually takes a job with the FBI. The FBI has agreed to his terms and he and Lisbon will work together. Lisbon also give Jane a gift of socks since he hasn't worn any since leaving the island. He is thrilled. 

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

If I can't live on my terms I'm in prison anyway. Might as well live in this cozy little detention suite.


Fischer: We want to help him out.
Lisbon: You want to use him.