Girls Review: Comfortably Numb

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Everyone grieves in his or her own way.

On Girls Season 3 Episode 4, Hannah loses someone in her life and everyone around her is surprised at her reaction.

Faced With Tragedy

David was found dead. Just to refresh everyone's memory, David was Hannah's book editor who we just saw on Girls Season 3 Episode 3 coked out, dancing to LMFAO, punching Ray and cruising Grindr.

The whole scene when Hannah first arrived at their meeting and everyone was running around like mad was a little nuts. I'll admit that I'm a semi-neurotic anxious New Yorker, but I was so on the same page as Hannah when she asked if it was safe to be in the office at that time.

So how did David die? Well he was found face down in the Hudson River, according to Gawker. No one is confirming that drugs were involved, but there's speculation amongst the media world. Adam is angry that Hannah is feeding into the vultures at sites like Gawker, but Hannah is quick to defend her people.

Sometimes I forget how fundamentally different Adam and Hannah are. This episode was a perfect example of those differences. Adam can't believe that Hannah isn't grieving David more and that she is more worried about what will happen to her book than the loss of her friend.

Hannah's conversation with Caroline was actually rather insightful.

Caroline: You know medication did make me feel less.
Hannah: It did?
Carolina: Yeah.
Hannah: See that’s really not good for a writer.
Caroline: Yeah but it’s really good for a person. It’s too exhausting feeling all that. I mean God, I would d wake up happy, eat breakfast despondent, wonder about eternity on the walk to work, then feel comfortably numb for hours. It was just too much the rollercoaster of it all. I wanted to die.

Hannah's emotions probably are numbed with her medication. By the way, I can't believe Hannah would use Caroline's fake story to make herself seem more sympathetic to Adam. If anyone's heard one of Caroline's BS stories, it's probably Adam!

One person who is definitely not averse to discussing death is Jessa. She got so caught up in her own head and thinking about her friend Season that she completely disregarded Shosh's story. Then again, it's not all that hard to tune out someone who talks about the importance of her bandana collection.

Shock of shocks, it turns out that Season faked her own death! She was a drug addict who thought Jessa was a bad influence and so she faked her own funeral, knowing that Jessa would never show up. Now she's married, has a baby and lives in a brownstone. So what does that say about Jessa?

Elsewhere, Marnie was busy continuing on her post breakup meltdown path. She found Ray and the Grumpy's owner watching her video and quit on the spot, saying she would go work with "fancy people." Do you feel bad for Marnie on Girls Season 3? I would just like to see more from her.

The week was kind of slow, but it definitely posed an interesting question about how people react to death. How would you grade Hannah's reaction to David's death?

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Girls Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

I feel like my bandana collection is like my most developed collection.


I just hope when I die that I don’t see it coming. I hope I’m already dead and then 5 minutes later I’m like what the fuck? Just happened.