New Girl: Watch Season 3 Episode 12 Online

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It was the Bulls against the Pistons on New Girl Season 3 Episode 12, as Jess tried to bond with Coach, only to irritate Nick to such an extend that he turned off his tap.

He took away her Vitamin D.

Oh, yes, he put a sex embargo on the relationship. That's just what happens you start cheering for your boyfriend's rival team, many male viewers were likely nodding along with Nick throughout.

This was definitely one of the more enjoyable installments of Season 3, with Jess trying to figure out basketball (or basketsball, as she calls It) and Schmidt dealing with an elderly co-worker.

As for Winston? He does a mean Denzel impression. Seriously! Watch New Girl online now and see what we mean:

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New Girl Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Jess: Nothin' but net!
Coach: Traditionally, that refers to hitting nothing but the inside of the net.

Winston: So...where do you do the marketing?
Schmidt: Oh, Winston. So naive, so sweet. We do the marketing EVERYWHERE!