The Carrie Diaries Review: Animal House

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Well... Sebastian was right about one thing: House parties are totally a rite of passage. (Especially for suburban teenagers!)

It's just too bad that Dorrit chose to throw one on the same night that Carrie was about to have a romantic reunion with her adorable but long-distance man.

The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Episode 9 brought us the Bradshaw house party!

Dorrit's Party

Before we get to the party, I love that Tom's big merger was hammering out the pre-nuptial agreement between Harlan and Larissa.

Their terms were hilarious, especially the baby tiger Larissa gets in case of infidelity. Who would've thought those two would get engaged? That ring was like both of Kim Kardashian's engagement rings combined and then quadrupled.

Now onto the rager at the Bradshaws. Of course the second Tom mentioned he'd be gone for the weekend both of the girls had a party come to mind. Carrie's was just more a party of two. I was so happy when Sebastian surprised her.

I was wondering at the end of The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Episode 8 how the show was going to manage having the two date long-distance.

Sebastian's home situation is pretty crappy. His parents are absentee parents who only care and try to control things when it suits them. As excited he was at the end of the episode to take over Larissa's apartment, you could tell he was also kind of scared.

Sebastian is definitely wily in some ways. He swooped in and saved Carrie when she couldn't figure out how to get rid of everyone. Hello, a cop fake out always works! Good thing Mouse ended up spooning with Donna on the couch and could pitch in and help them clean up. Their new bond is hilarious, by the way.

Mouse, you already got into Harvard, take some time to yourself and play. Getting competitive in beirut is a good thing!

Donna is definitely the right guide for having fun. Although, Donna's read on guys isn't always the best. Dorrit should've stayed and flirted with the other friend, not that loser Scott. But we never recognize the good guys when we should, do we? I just hope it's not too late for them.

It turns out getting into Harvard, got me into some other weird places.


Miss Meade eating the pot brownie was the icing on the cake. A great moment to cap off the night. Welcome back Carrie fans! What did you think of the latest episode? Where were Walt and Maggie this week? Hit the comments!

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The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

I’ve known her since I was 5. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her teeth before!

Mouse [about Dorrit]

It’s come to my attention that the well of eligible bachelors in this school has run dry.