American Idol Review: Meet The Top 13

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Over 75,000 people auditioned for one of the spots on tonight's American Idol. What's so special?

We'll learn the contestants comprising the American Idol season 13 Top 13! Over the past two nights we've heard 20 singers, 10 guys and 10 girls, sing for America's vote.

The Top 5 girls and the Top 5 guys will become contenders for this season's American Idol. They'll be joined by the judges' Wild Card picks!

Let's find out who's competing for the top prize this season...

We're wasting no time with the announcements tonight as Ryan calls Malaya Watson's name. She's the first contestant through to the Top 13.

Ben Briley will be joining her. This is a particularly important moment for him since America has already voted to keep him in the competition once.

Her suggestive song must have paid off because Emily Piriz​ joins the Top 13. The next guy in is Alex Preston! YES!!! That's all I can really say because HOORAY!

Jessica Meuse will bring the country to the girls portion of the competition this year. Dexter Roberts is representing the Alabama boys!

Up next is Caleb Johnson. After a two year break, coming back to Idol and trying again is paying off. He'll be joined by Majesty Rose. She's happy she sang "Happy!"

The 9th spot in the Top 13 goes to MK Nobilette! And the 10th person in is Sam Woolf!

So those are the 10 contestants that America chose. Of the 10 who remain, 5 will be asked to sing and the judges will choose 3 of those 5 to advance to the Top 13.

The first performer to sing for the Wild Card is CJ Harris. He's so authentic but he's not the strongest vocalist in the competition. He sings "Bring It On Home To Me" by Sam Cooke and it's an emotional and heartfelt performance but it's just okay. Harry says both CJ and the band screwed up but Jennifer felt his soul. Keith wants him to stay emotionally connected to his songs throughout.

Keith announces that the next person to sing will be Jena Irene. She heads back to the piano to sing her original song. Last night she tried to channel her inner rocker with "Paint It Black" and got the comment that she needs to stay in her lane, so she's listening. It will probably do her well. I can't see them not giving her a Wild Card slot tonight. Keith calls it a really good use of that moment.

Spencer Lloyd will get the opportunity to sing for a wild card slot and he's taking the judges' advice and picking up his guitar again to sing an original song. He's nervous and it shows, but he's cute so they'll keep him. He's also talented with the right song and with a little bit of coaching, he could go far in the industry. Jennifer tells him he did a good job but she's not sure he chose the right song for the moment.

Harry announces that the next person to sing for her life will be Bria Anai. She's chosen "This Is A Man's World" for her last chance performance. This girl has pipes, that's for sure, but she does weird things with the lyrics where she's too concerned with hitting the riff and not enough with pronouncing the words. Harry says she sang for her life but it was all over the place and may have overshot the mark.

The final Wild Card contender will be Kristen O'Connor. She goes for Katy Perry's "Unconditionally" in hopes of making it to the Top 13. She doesn't have a register as low as she's trying to sing in so it starts awfully. Once she opens up just a little bit, it gets better, but it's not fantastic. Keith says it was a good performance of that song, but that the key was wrong.

Now it's time for the judges to make their decisions.

Jena Irene is the first to snag a Wild Card spot. Despite the flub with the key, Kristen O'Connor gets the second Wild Card spot. 

The final Wild Card goes to CJ Harris!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the American Idol Season 13 Top 13! What do you think? Are you excited about this year's contestants?


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