Beauty and the Beast Review: Right Reason, Wrong Decision

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Cat and Tess met their new police chief on Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 13 - and the heat was on to start solving some cases.

Because they're still on the trail of Barnes in connection with Agent Landon and Sam, that didn't leave a lot of time to do actual police work.

Cat called in Vincent to help on a lead when she discovered the only possible connection to a body bound in a cave they located beneath the spot Sam had been kept for years was linked to Gabe.

Gabe shared the information with J.T. and while he was actively wooing Tess, he also tried his hand at solving some cases for her. He was successful at knocking at least one off of their list. Awwwww.

Cat's detective skills, frankly, stink. Readers were calling out Sam as being Barnes (if not at least associated with him) last week, but setting up his own attack under the name "blind chemist" was silly. Especially since he acted as though he hadn't smelled the stench of burning bodies below him for years.

Instead of taking the lead and running with it, Cat's first instinct was to blame Gabe. If you all hate Gabe, that's a shame, because he has seriously tried to redeem himself and has done nothing to deserve his poor treatment from Cat.

Shifting the focus away from Sam and onto Gabe was a giant leap and one made even worse considering how easily it should have come to her that Sam was using Gabe as a scapegoat. He knew about beasts, could have easily knew about Muirfield, Gabe's orphanage and seeing his photo was a perfect time to set him up. Instead of trusting in the man she is supposedly into, she thought him responsible for the crime. What?

It's all a big mess. Not only fingering him for the crime, but her treatment of Gabe as a potential love interest. Gabe acting shady around Valentine's Day would seem completely reasonable to someone who considered him a viable dating candidate.

Cat's leading Gabe on, and now Vincent is allowing it to happen when he knows he's still in love with her and she's most likely in love with him. At least Vincent is doing it for the right reasons. He's trying to bow out to give her a chance at a great guy who puts her first and seems to have himself together. That's what Vincent sees in Gabe.

Unfortunately, by stepping back, Vincent is only hurting Gabe because Gabe will become more emotionally entangled with Cat and she'll hurt him even more. To Gabe's credit, he does pull back when he feels as though she's being unfair and doesn't take her hurtful ways as being acceptable. 

It seems they're not arresting Sam, and the intent is to use him to try to discover who Barnes is. The impact of him being Barnes seems to have come and gone, so I don't see any reason he would be their guy at this point. 

Gabe has to play dead, and Dana can either choose to go into witness protection and play dead or she can continue living with her husband and act as if nothing happened to try to help lure out the man she has been hunting for the past six years. 

It will be more interesting if Dana can stick around and try to play the double agent, especially since we've gotten to know her a bit. She still has a lot of information and can try to get what she can out of her husband. It seems worth the risk if she thinks she can handle the pressure.

Something tells me Gabe might not make the transition so easily. Being stuck inside while Cat is out running cases with Vincent will be very difficult for him and she's the best at hiding her feelings. What are the odds she can keep up a charade of being one person with Gabe and one with Vincent? Is she capable of being the same girl with both men? I don't think so.

It would be best for Gabe if he moved on. Or if he started to take a liking to Dana. There's plenty of room on the canvas for everyone, just not for everyone to be in love with Cat. Cat needs to stop denying she wants Vincent and all the danger and excitement that comes with him and go for it.

Was I missing something, or did Tess hold up a room key at the end? Are we to believe they're taking the plunge into the next step of whatever it is they're playing at? I know many of you don't like them together, but Nina Lisandrello and Austin Basis have so much fun playing against each other it's difficult not to want to see more of them. Their sly smiles are irresistible. 

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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Eighty-seven? I don't think Barnes is trying to make an octogenarian beast.


Cat: NYPD put your hands up! Turn around. Gabe! What are you doing here?
Gabe: I'm bringing ya coffee.
Cat: Well I could have shot you.
Gabe: Well I didn't think that part through.