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On Bones Season 9 Episode 15 Hodgins learns he has a brother he never knew about, Booth struggles to accept his joint finances with Brennan and the team tries to solve the murder of a girl found in a hillside.

Hodgins learns about a brother his parents kept hidden from him at a time when it was the most difficult for him to accept, because without his money he thinks there is little he can do to help the brother he never know. Is love enough?

Having never combined their finances, Booth struggles to accept the large amount that Brennan brings in and how they will manage the amount jointly. What will they decide to do when a windfall comes their way?

Mr. Fisher, who is normally so dour, comes to help the team with a murder and is there at just the right time with the right advice. How did that happen?

Find out how kidnappers had no idea their golden ticket was already found murdered and continued sending messages terrorizing the parents who had to suffer through disturbing photos of their dead child. How did things get so out of control?

You can find out about all of this and more when you watch Bones online!

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Bones Season 9 Episode 15 Quotes

Brennan: You're late Mr. Fisher:
Fisher: Apologies. I was watching the news and wondering if it was even worth getting dressed.

I need to get back to the lab. Hopefully this is murder and I will see you soon.