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Hodgins finds out a secret about his family while Booth and Brennan decide whether it's time to combine their finances. 

Brennan gets an advance on her book and gives it to Booth to deposit, but he's uncomfortable because he says it's more than he makes in a year. 

Hodgins learns he has a brother named Jeffrey who has been in an in-patient mental health facility, the Sandalwood Home. His expenses haven't been paid in over a year. He and Angela decide there's been a mistake and send the fellow away.

A big container full of dirt is brought to the Jeffersonian and the team has to excavate a body and discover its identity.

Booth is upset by Bones' check, and it seems to have something to do with the fact they don't have a joint account.

Hodgins gets his first look at his brother through a window at the Sandalwood Home.

The murdered girls parents are called to the FBI. Lauren was kidnapped and they thought they had some information on her, even though they were told not to contact the authorities.

Jack and Jeffrey have something in common as soon as they meet, but a misleading verbal communication cue sets Jeffrey off about conspiracies and seeing through the static.

When they are talking about Jeffrey, Brennan impulsively hugs Angela.

Lauren told the dog walker that things were messed up at her house and her stepmother cheated on her father.

Brennan and Fisher realize Lauren had a seizure and something about that leads them to wonder about her death.

Hodgins wishes he had known his brother sooner, because he could have loved him and Angela reminds him that he can love him now.

The victim's phone is sending the ransom messages, and they're coming from the house.

Booth asks Brennan if they're going to share their money whether they'll also share in the decisions of how it's spent. When she says yes, he tells her he wants to give it to Hodgins and Angels so they can keep Jeffrey in his home.

Whoever killed Lauren loved her, because they tried to treat her tetanus, and it's the penicillin that killed her. 

Fisher gives Hodgins a pep talk about his brother.

Lauren staged her own kidnapping and framed the dog walker.

Booth wants to invest their money in the Wounded Warrior Project, which is less of an investment but more of a donation for a wonderful cause.

Hodgins tells Jeffrey he's his brother. He shows Jeffrey a photo of him with his parents, much like one he has in his room. He tells him he's been looking for him his whole life, and he can finally see past the static. They learn their dad read them both 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. 

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Bones Season 9 Episode 15 Quotes

Brennan: You're late Mr. Fisher:
Fisher: Apologies. I was watching the news and wondering if it was even worth getting dressed.

I need to get back to the lab. Hopefully this is murder and I will see you soon.