Brooklyn Nine-Nine Review: Operation Broken Feather

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We get a brand new episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on a special night, as the show nabbed a slot in the prestigious post-Super Bowl hour. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 Episode 15 proved worthy of the time slot, too, with the excellent blend of comedy and heart that this series does so well, along guest stars all over the place.

Before we talk about the whole episode, though, let's talk about the cold open. That scene alone gave us a football game that was more fun than the actual Super Bowl, as the 99th precinct took on the fire department.

The banter between Peralta and Fire Marshal Boone (great appearance by Patton Oswalt) was hilarious, really setting the stage for the rest of the half hour. If you're wondering who won the game...well, consider which side had Terry Crews...dancing...

This episode also saw the return of Dean Winters as "The Vulture," the Major Crimes detective that steals all the cases of the 99th. Their collective hatred of the man makes the gang run like a well-oiled machine, as they raced to keep him from taking Jake's murder suspect for himself. Honestly, watching ROSA of all people flirt with The Vulture was one of the funniest things ever.

All of this occurs before the two main stories even kick off:  Jake and Amy are off trying to solve a string of hotel robberies, as Holt and Jeffords try to increase the efficiency of the precinct.

Jake & Amy
While the two detectives were trying to find the hotel thief, Amy told Jake that she was being interviewed for a promotion to the Major Crimes unit. To Jake's chagrin, she would be leaving him to work with The Vulture, which is a betrayal as far as he's concerned. 

He spends the entire investigation trying to remind her how much she loves being in the field, but when she decides to go to the interview anyway, he lashed out at her, calling her a bad partner.

This story is what brought the heart to the episode. It was fun watching Peralta needle her about her OCD, and it was really endearing watching the two of them dumpster diving, watching Jake avoid telling her that he likes her and wants her to stay.  We all know that he doesn't want her to go because he would miss her. 

Santiago's no better - she just wanted Jake to admit it, but he wasn't about to.

Ultimately, Holt made Peralta realize that he was being a jerk by not being supportive of his partner's ambitions and dreams.  Peralta confessed to her that the job sucks a little less because she's his partner. We all knew that she would stay, but the story was well done nonetheless.

We also got a few guest stars, including the somewhat-hyped appearance of Adam Sandler, who played himself. I found Sandler's appearance as an annoyed auctioneer to be pretty underwhelming, honestly

Former NFLer Joe Theismann was much more fun, I think. However, my favorite guest appearance of the night, hands down, was Fred Armisen's return as Mlypnos. Oh. please let him and Jake dance to his made-up country's music again!

Holt & Jeffards
In order to get their Comp-Stats in on time, Jeffards and Holt come up with a plan to increase the workplace productivity.  Unfortunately, that plan involved manipulating the entire staff into working without their knowledge. 

It was brilliant - and hilarious!  The reasons for their inefficiency were just unreal: Boyle can't help giving toaster lectures, Mount Diaz's anger eruptions scares people and Gina just can't help making fun of Boyle in ugly sweaters. 

By using these tidbits of knowledge, Holt and Jeffards were able to increase productivity. Until Holt got overconfident.

Terry tried to warn him with the Greek mythology story of Icarus - drowned when his waxed feather wings melted after foolishly flying too close to the sun, though he was warned not to. Holt, however, was already flying too high, and though he crashed like the legend, it was Boyle whose wings (or fringes) literally caught fire. 

Watching Boyle run around with a fringed jacket on fire - priceless!

I thought this was a great episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. They definitely have a handle on balancing the humor with the heart, and with the guest appearances, this episode was on point.

Other Notes:

  • Today in Hitchcock and Scully - tear gas?!  Really?!
  • Terry chooses to dance.  And he always, ALWAYS should.
  • AWESOME choices of music this episode. From Karate Kid's "You're The Best" during the football game, to Jake's gift of  "I Got You, Babe" to his captured murderer. Hilarious!

Operation Broken Feather Review

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