Duck Dynasty Recap: Battle of the Burgers

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On the same night Bravo aired the Top Chef finale, Willie and Jase went all Emeril Lagasse on viewers.

Oh, yes, Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 5 featured a cook-off between these two family members.

The two got into it over who makes the better burger, figuring the only way to decide for sure was to engaged in a cook-off. It's not about who is the better chef, Jase clarifies, it's about who is the better burger "eater."

So off to the store they go for ingredients, where Willie purchases "meat from a tube" (according to Jase) and Jase gets the butcher to grind up some ribeye for his delicacy.

We then return to the warehouse for the actual competition.

Who wins in the end? Viewers, of course, with Martin deeming Willie's burger a "mountain o'beef" with way "too much going on" and Jase's being so overdone that Martin spits it out.

The family members make the smart choice and head to a burger joint for lunch.

While all this is going on, Jep and Phil bond over the former needing to get some materials for Jessica's decoupage project.

This leads to Phil convincing Jep to clean out the shed in order ho haul away some recyclables, while Jessica and Miss Kay get down to the business of gluing and varnishing on a table. A table covered in rat pee-soaked newspaper, it ought to be pointed out.

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