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When attending the funeral of her dearly departed book editor in Girls Season 3 Episode 5, Hannah finds out that all of his projects were put on hold.

After she lands a new, even better deal, she finds out that the original projects are being held for 3-years before someone else can publish them. Cue a meltdown!

Meanwhile, Hannah's home life isn't much better with Adam and Caroline fighting all the time. She tries to play therapist, but ultimately decides Caroline has got to go.

Shoshana helps Jessa find a new job and a new path. Marnie seeking to straighten out her own path, goes to Ray for advice. But something unexpected happens.

Watch Girls online to find out what happened between Marnie and Ray!

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Girls Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Adam: I thought you said he was gay.
Hannah: Well I don't know now. He had gay apps on his iPhone and liked to show his ankles but what does that even mean in this day and age?

It's just crazy that you don't know the depth of someone's power until their funeral. It's so sad.