Girls Review: Memoirs of a Hannah

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There is a reason that this episode is titled "Only Child." It was a way to demonstrate how the spotlight is always on Hannah and truthfully that's how she prefers it!

In Girls Season 3 Episode 5 Hannah seemed semi-sympathetic when she and Adam attended David's funeral, only to turn it around and be typical selfish Hannah.

The End of Her Book

Guest star Jennifer Westfeldt took an entertaining turn as David's wife...yes, his wife. She claims that he was "sometimes gay" and considering he was cruising Grindr at Hannah's birthday party, I'm gonna venture to say that he had a preference for men.

Adam: I thought you said he was gay.
Hannah: Well I don't know now. He had gay apps on his iPhone and liked to show his ankles but what does that even mean in this day and age?

I mean, it was one thing for Hannah to be celeb spotting and obsessing over meeting people at the funeral, that was a typical level of selfishness for her. But to ask his grieving (and in denial) wife about helping her find another publisher was too much. It was a perfect, but not even strong enough, reality check for Westfeldt to agree to help her only if she "got the F out."

Then during Adam and Caroline's fight, she started off their therapy session by asking them both to tell her they loved her. What was up with that? It was weird but also so normal. At the end of the episode when her father called to tell her about the 3-year contract hold up, she didn't even ask him about his procedure; just totally cut him off and then insulted him and her uncle. 

The theme of being self-centered is definitely not Hannah only. It's one of the running themes of the show and the generation that it targets. Take Marnie for example. She thinks she is so much better than Ray, yet she still went there to ask him for a favor. After getting what she wanted, and a little extra, she was back to the old Marnie. 

Ray: Maybe for the time being it would be best to keep this on the DL.
Marnie: Go fuck yourself, like I'd advertise this.

Let's also note that Marnie just slept with her friend's ex boyfriend, a huge no no in girl world. However, she did it because Ray was comforting her and it made her feel better about herself. Screw Shosh's feelings, Marnie needed to feel good!

Shoshanna and Jessa were underused but entertaining for their brief two minutes of screen time. I love the way these cousins interact and basically insult each other to their faces and continue on having a conversation. Also Jessa's comment about smoking a Stephen Dorff space cigarette cracked me up. As did Shoshanna screaming "you have a criminal record" as Jessa attempted to apply for work at a children's boutique.

The best part about all of this immaturity and selfish behavior is that the girls barely even realize it most of the time, if ever. Hannah kicked out her boyfriend's unstable sister under the guise that she thought it was what she wanted, but really she couldn't stand Caroline's insane stories anymore during her time of stress. It's too bad, Gaby Hoffman brought a definitive quirkiness with a strong personality to the show.

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Only Child Review

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Girls Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Adam: I thought you said he was gay.
Hannah: Well I don't know now. He had gay apps on his iPhone and liked to show his ankles but what does that even mean in this day and age?

It's just crazy that you don't know the depth of someone's power until their funeral. It's so sad.