Legit Season Premiere Review: The Boys Are Back!

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Legit may have changed channels from FX to FXX, but Legit Season 2 Episode 1 revealed that the sophomore season is sticking to its formula of inappropriate, raunchy comedy with plenty of heart.

The premiere touched upon all the elements this show thrives on, reintroducing us to the cast of lovable losers, Jim, Steve and Billy. You can’t help but smile at seeing these old pals again for another round of debauchery and sincerity.

Of course, what better way to kick things off with sex addicts, porn, masturbation and Dr. Drew. Those topics are ripe for comedic commentary and putting Jim, the so-called leader of the trio of friends, at the forefront of the sex addiction made perfect sense, especially after glimpsing his antics in Legit Season 1 and also getting dumped by Peggy.

Peggy, Jim's ex, does make her triumphant return calling out Jim on the radio by listing his various sexual adventures from the glory hole in Frankfort to the threesome in Lincoln, Nebraska.

It set off a sequence of events that caused Jim to really think about sexual addiction and his emotional connection to not just women, but people in general.

And no episode about sex addicts would make sense without attending a meeting (it’s not a class, Steve) and we got to listen to Jim ramble on about why sluts have ruined him, along with a brilliant line about judging one of the addicts before a judge and jury actually do.

The hour also couldn't help but throw in the characters trying to masturbate (Steve’s face during the scene should certainly be added to Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac posters) and Jim helping out Billy by hooking him up with a sex addict. Jim’s such a good guy.

But even with all the jokes, the episode and the return of the series just wouldn’t work without its endearing cast. Jim, Steve and Billy shine in their own respective ways and the camera never forgets to provide reaction shots that add extra depth to the scenes and the characters.

Something as simple as Steve playing quarters with Billy is funny to watch and seeing the characters (and definitely the actors) enjoy themselves makes viewers enjoy it that much more.

Although, I am curious as to what the show is going to do about Steve’s drinking. It can certainly also find pieces of humor from the topic, but there’s also something to be said about people with actual drinking problems. And maybe, Jim might be the person to help him get better?

Guess we'll see where that story goes, hopefully when Jim gets Steve out of his closet.

The half-hour was very well paced and never made scenes feel too long. Even something like the various shots of characters answering the sex addiction quiz at the beginning was a great way to give everyone a part of the action that added even more humor to an already funny situation.

"Loveline" was definitely a great reintroduction to the series. Only a show like Legit could take a topic to the extremely outrageous and wild, all while finding that sweet truth underneath. The boys are back, and I can’t wait to see what they’ll be up to next.

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Loveline Review

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