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Before Bay decides not to take the less exciting path with her new friend Tank, she should find out what is going on with her parents.

On Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 5, their weekend apart proved their lives are going in directions far different than they ever expected.

Is the lesson here that learning about the switch was too much for the marriage of John and Kathryn to bear? Or is it that they were not happy at the time anyway and what's happening to them now was destiny? It's hard to tell, but things are falling apart for the couple.

Kathryn excitedly prepared to go to New York City with Renzo to pitch her book and John decided to stay home at the last minute to help Toby move into his new place.

Of course, after Jenise offered to help as well, we discovered that it may be a long time before any of us see Nikki again. Cassi Thompson, who plays Nikki, must have received a lot of work or something. This seems other than a prepared storyline somehow, as if they were left having made the decision to marry them off and without a wife to play against.

In any event, in comes Jenise, sharing with John what Nikki told her and John had to pass the news on to his son. Jenise and John commiserated over life in general and a lot of booze and she kissed him. 

Kathryn's selling the story of the baseball wives in New York. A story that is neither hers nor something that she'll be comfortable telling once the high of being around Renzo and his friends wears off. Not to mention John's love of scandal. Will she be the closing chapter in her own book?

Regina saw John and Jenise kiss through the window and she'll tell Kathryn. She's had enough lies at this point to last a lifetime. That's why she won't let Daphne bail on Sharee despite her promise to keep her personal life secret. She realizes Bay's interference saved her life, and she wants to save Sharee's.

Wow. Sharee has been going through hell trying to take care of her mother. She must suffer from Bipolar Disorder and could really use some medication. Her boyfriend left because of the mood swings and now Sharee's on her own. Like Regina said, no girl her age should be going through that alone. Here's hoping the fallout is swift.

BANK!!! That stands for Bay and Tank. What a guy Tank is, right? He's been so amazing this season. He a genuinely nice guy, saved Bay's ass when she was drunk, she saved his back and kept him in art class and they inspired each other to great things with their projects. 

Tank helped Bay prepare to get back on the lacrosse team when her Pratt school admissions guy said athletics would look good on her application and even showed up at her game with buddies sporting B A Y t-shirts. Yet she still felt the need to order him to the friend zone. 

When she crash landed on her face and cut her hand, the look on her face was priceless. I don't know if she thought it was payback for putting him in the zone, if she was worried her hand might suffer damage because she's an artist (it might) or some other odd reason, but it was weird. Tank was there, again, taking care of her.

Every other guy Bay as been with since we've met her has been so challenging. I know from experience it seems like the more of a challenge the hotter guy. I also know from experience that the more of a challenge the more of an ass the guy usually turns out to be and the more of a waste of time.

If you've missed an episode, you can catch them all right here! Watch Switched at Birth online any time on TV Fanatic.

Are you rooting for a BANK hookup?

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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Tank: You are a mattress!
Bay: I am a mattress!

Kathryn: Me and vodka... not he best idea.
Renzo: Then that means it's the best idea!