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On Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 17, the truth about Kira is revealed without detail, Scott's pack rallies around him, Stiles turns to Melissa for help and Argent turns back the clock to find out about the masked figures.

Kira reveals to Scott what she believes to be her true form, although she is frightened. She thinks the masked creatures are after her, but Scott assures her she is wrong. Ironically, Derek has known all along that she is Kitsune, but realizes she has no idea which Kitsune she is yet.

Scott's pack tries to protect him since he was in the eyes of the masked men as the sun went down and they believe he is next on their radar. He manages to slip his security detail several times, but even he doesn't know to what lengths his pack will go to protect him.

When Stiles starts to question his health and his sanity, he checks himself into the hospital and puts himself into Melissa's care. She is worried and discovers a similarity between his case and another that she finds peculiar. 

Argent takes Allison and Isaac and tracks down a man with one silver finger he met in a garden 24 years earlier, when Argent was on his first solo mission. It's when he managed to get the mask. The man explains who the men are, what they are doing why. It is not anything as you would expect.

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

I'm a True Alpha. You have no idea what I can do.


Scott: What was behind the mask?
Argent: Darkness. Absolute darkness.