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Scott's friends try to protect him from his enemies on Teen Wolf.

Argent flashes back to his youth when he first saw the men as he shares his story with Allison, Scott and Isaac. They only went after beings with ties to the supernatural. They cut down every living thing in their way and only one man was left, Kitashi (Silverfinger). He didn't kill one of the creatures, but he shattered it's mask with a bullet so they could get away. 

When Scott dropped Kira off, she asked if she could see what he looked like as a wolf. Scott changes under his helmet and takes it off. She feels his face in fascination. She later dreams about it like a lovesick teenager on her bed.

Aiden and Ethan decide to flank Scott because of the demonic ninjas.

Stiles tries to tell Scott about what he saw on the board and that he had the key to the chemistry closet, but the key is missing and the board is erased. Barrow also created a bomb like the present they gave Coach, full of nuts and bolts, which was Stiles' idea. Scott still doesn't think Stiles was responsible.

Scott thinks the ninjas are looking for Kira. Everyone else thinks it's Scott since they were looking at him when the sun came up.

Mr. McCall gleefully talks on the phone to someone about how much evidence he has to put Sheriff Stilinski out of government work. Then he sees a photo that was taken with his computer of Scott and Kira.

Stiles goes to the hospital and tries to get help from Melissa. He talks about his lack of sleep, when he couldn't read, anxiety attacks, She tells him he's profoundly sleep deprived and gives him a sedative. Before he falls asleep, Stiles calls Melissa mom.

Argent, Allison and Issac go to find Kitashi and Isaac has to dress up and go undercover to pull off the infiltration, but he's afraid he'll look like a boy instead of a man, so Allison plants a kiss on him and puts his hand on her ass. He strides in with confidence. 

Scott and Kira ditch the twins to got to Scott's house in an attempt to protect Kira. She realizes when he takes her but ditches the twins that he wouldn't take her if he thought she'd get hurt. 

Melissa notices that Stiles is suffering from the same symptoms his mother suffered from, and she died in 2004.

Kira shows Scott her book about myths and they talk about Kitsune. When they rub their tails together they create foxfire.

Isaac pulls out a money machine to count $150k to waste time while Allison and Argent do their thing. He's captured by a werewolf and taken to Argent and Kitashi. 

Mr. McCall shows up at Scott's to confront them about being in his office. Scott and he argue and Melissa comes home just before the sun sets and the demonic ninjas appear. Immediately they impale Mr. McCall. Derek appears in wolf form and Melissa drags Mr. McCall down the hall. Derek turns into a wolf, Kira is standing still with a ninja behind her. The twins show up and everyone is fighting with the intent to throw the ninjas out of the house. Melissa throws the potion and they are stuck outside.

Derek tells Scott he's been following him all day.

Kitashi calls the demons Oni.  The Japanese kanji for "self"  They are looking for one who is no longer themselves. They are looking for Stiles. Celestial, wild, ocean, thunder, but there is one that is called void or Nogitsune. Komichu. There are 13 types of kitsune.

Scott knows Kira's not the bad guy. Derek knew Kira was a kitsune right away.

Kitashi thanks Argent for his life and his honor. If there is a Nogitsune among the group, Kitashi says to let the Oni destroy it.

At the hospital, Stiles is walking and the Oni find him. He reaches inside the chest of one and pulls out his essence, a firefly. Two more Oni seem to disappear inside of Stiles. Scott finds Stiles and Stiles says he's fine.



Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

I'm a True Alpha. You have no idea what I can do.


Scott: What was behind the mask?
Argent: Darkness. Absolute darkness.