The Tomorrow People: Watch Season 1 Episode 14 Online

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What secrets does Jedikiah have locked in his closet?

On The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 14, a hit man comes out of the woodwork who appears to be a paranormal not only with the ability to kill, but with no qualms about taking money to do so. Has Mother Nature created a Tomorrow Person 2.0?

Meanwhile, Stephen isn't pleased that Cara has kicked John out of the lair and brings him home. This doesn't go over too well with mom at first, but soon John wins Marla over. But what will happen when Cara has a change of heart?

Jedikiah is keenly interested in the hit man paranormal case for a very specific reason, which soon comes to light and by the end of the episode, a whole new secret has been revealed. 

Be sure to watch The Tomorrow People online to find out all the juicy details. 

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