The Tomorrow People Review: The Ultimate Killing Machine

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Oh, where do I begin talking about this episode?

The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 14 had so much good stuff in it, I feel like a kid in a candy store trying to decide which aisle to go down first so I can start snarfing on all the yummy treats.

First off, can I just say how happy I am that the whole rivalry between Stephen and John has been dropped in favor of a friendship full of trust? Stephen going to the lair and reading Cara the riot act for kicking John out was great.

It was nice to see that he didn’t let whatever feelings he has (or had, who knows how he’s feeling at this point) cloud his judgment. He saw right away that she’d made a mistake by kicking John out and he wasn’t afraid to tell her so. Then he went and found Drunk!John and took him how. I mean how freaking sweet was that?

Cara: John can take care of himself.
Stephen: You willing to bet his life on that?

John proved himself quite useful in the Jameson household. Not only did he make what looked like a delicious meal, but he also gave Stephen some excellent intel about the case of the mismatched twins.

I think he was also the buffer that was needed between Marla and Stephen, at least until the two of them figured out how to move forward after Stephen found out his mother’s secret.

You have a family to protect. I have a species.


I had a feeling we were close to seeing Cara beg for John to return but I am tickled pink he didn’t take her up on the offer.

She needs to learn that she can’t just stomp all over people and think that they’re going to just come running back to her.

John: He’s a hero.
Marla: Just like his father.

More yumminess came in the form of finding out Jedikiah’s little secret. I think most of us have suspected that he’s been holding on to his brother’s body all this time, but I for one wasn’t exactly sure why.

In this episode we finally found out that Roger is indeed on ice, but for me anyway, Jedikiah’s motivations for keeping Frozen!Roger around aren’t all that clear.

Whoa, you think Mother Nature created a Tomorrow Person 2.0? A-Day-After-Tomorrow Person


Maybe it’s because I like Jedikiah that I’m always trying to see the good in him, but I have to wonder if his tears over Nathan’s death had to do with wanting to bring his brother back.

Though I suppose it is more likely that he wanted to try the twin experiment so that he could take Roger’s powers for himself. Maybe he wants to become some sort of ultimate killing machine. 

My favorite bits:

  • Jedikiah allowing Stephen into his head. Interesting.
  • Stephen finding a drunken John and bringing him home.
  • Russell busting out some serious moves to take on the hit man. Nice!
  • Pretty much the entire conversation between Marla and John.
  • Hillary popping into Stephen’s room and demanding to know why he wasn’t wearing pajamas. I think there are quite a few fangirls out there who are perfectly okay with his sleeping attire, thank you very much.
  • Russell’s “Oops” when he slapped the cuff on Cyrus.
  • Thinking that Jedikiah’s speech to Nathan sounded perhaps a bit too personal.
  • Stephen informing Cara that the place was falling apart without John. No kidding!
  • Russell asking the hit man how they spent their money.
  • Jedikiah collapsing in tears when Nathan was killed. I didn’t understand why at first, but it was still pretty powerful to see.
  • John walking out on Cara. Sorry, but she absolutely deserved that.
  • Jedikiah going into his little lair to have a chat with Roger. Creepy, but also kind of awesome.

Why do you think Jedikiah is keeping Roger's body on ice?

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