The Young and the Restless Recap: Victor Makes a Case for Sharon and Nick

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The hostage crisis from the benefit fizzled to a rather unspectacular end this week on The Young and the Restless.

Considering the number of people involved and what could have happened, the carnage was relatively weak.

It all turned out to be one big spectacle for February sweeps that went nowhere. Billy tried to be a hero, got injured and confessed to a one night stand instead. Cane tried to be a hero and got shot.

Lily was the final hostage and Colin turned on Womack and DID look like a hero when he shot and killed his inside man. Oh ,brother!

Sharon and Nick Talk About Cassie
Sharon and Nick Wedding Memory

Several people didn't make it to the benefit or escaped it before all of the excitement started, and their stories propelled the rest of the week. Sharon was one of them. The beans she wanted to spill to Nick weren't about fussing with Summer's paternity test, but about seeing Cassie. 

Talking about Cassie on what turned out to be their wedding anniversary brought Sharon and Nick very close. Viewers were treated to a wedding flashback and every indication seems to be that these two star-crossed lovers with a very tangled past are on their way back into each others arms. 

That's the very reason Victor hired the Cassie doppelganger in the first place -- to ensure Nick wouldn't return to Sharon. The best laid plans...

There is little doubt that these two characters and the stars that portray them still have sparks and a comfort level between them that is rare on soap operas. As it happens, 2014 marks 20 years since they met on screen, and it is the perfect time for their characters to reunite despite what might have happened with Summer's paternity test. 

Which brings me to... did Sharon alter the test or did she think she did something while she was delusional? It's a big year for Shick and you have to wonder if anything can keep them apart. Discovering this "Cassie" is a lost twin will be icing on the cake!

Speaking of Summer, she and Faith made it out of the benefit before the hostage crisis and ran into Ian Ward. He's trying his hardest to dig his hands into Summer, and the most outrageous part of this is that Nikki isn't more concerned about a life coach Summer met in a park when Ian's in town at the same time she's concerned he may be going after vulnerable members of her family.

Is everyone really just thinking of themselves so much that they're missing this giant red, flapping flag? Summer is the perfect target for someone like Ian and instead Dylan and Nick are going to find ways to protect Nikki. Makes me want to jump into the television screen.

In this world of terrorists gone wild, apparently nobody bothered to look at the photo on Chloe's passport to notice she had major plastic surgery as she fled the country with Connor. And how many strings did Victor have to pull to get Chelsea on a flight without a passport and then safely into France?

There will be more to come on that story, but perhaps we're about to see the back of Chloe's head as she takes a break in an asylum for a while. Surely they're not going to give her a free pass after kidnapping a baby. Not on Victor's watch!

Does anyone believe for a second that story Colin told to Jill about Katherine's music box and the name Rachel Berenson? I don't. But, if it does pan out, he likely already knows the woman is related to Jill and is giving her a fortune, or else he wouldn't have had her sign a prenup for half of her estate. Colin cannot remain the hero for long.

My favorite funny of the week was Womack asking for anyone who hadn't been in a hostage situation before to raise their hands. Not one hand in the ballroom went up. Lauren could have sunk into the floor for as many times as she's been taken hostage!

All in all for as much potential as the week had going in, there wasn't a lot of action on the back end. Drop a comment if you disagree!

Do you think Sharon and Nick are destiny?

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