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It was the homecoming dance on Twisted Season 1 Episode 14!

Lacey wanted to go with Danny. Charlie wanted to go with Lacey. Rico wanted to go with Jo. And Jo and Danny were just trying to get through the day holding in their big secret.

Meanwhile Karen Desai found herself making out with a very persistent Jack Taylor. Danny walked in on it but rather than be awkward, he told his mom he wanted her to be happy and found a way to get Jack over to the house.

Karen stupidly told Jack about Vikram's life insurance. Meanwhile Kyle found out that Tess knew Vikram was alive this whole time. So why was Vikram faking his death?

Watch Twisted online to find out!

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Twisted Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Danny may be off the hook for Regina's murder but you're still sucking face with a killer. In case you forgot the aunt.

Serita [to Lacey]

I still can't believe you're back. It's like a do over for all of us.

Lacey [to Danny]