Arrow Picture Preview: Beware the Suicide Squad!

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Are you ready for the Suicide Squad?

On Arrow Season 2 Episode 16, they're going to be unleashed when Amanda Waller reveals the team of the most notorious criminals the put together.

Waller's mission is so big she can't do it alone, so she turns to John Diggle for help. When Digs discovers who is on the Squad, he's taken aback -- they're the very people he and Arrow fought to put behind bars!

Lyla Michaels supports Waller's decision and tells Diggle they live in a different world now. Dig is not so easily convinced.

Meanwhile, Oliver is faced with the fact that Slade is intent on destroying the people he loves and everyone close to him is in danger -- even Sara. So much for thinking she can take care of herself!

While you're perusing the photos and the realization hits that you have almost two weeks until you see this installment, go ahead and watch Arrow online to get through the rough patch.

You can also read the review for Arrow Season 2 Episode 15 and await the Arrow round table that will be up on Sunday. See you there!

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Gimme a break. This ain't no task force. Let's call it like it is. Welcome to the suicide squad.


I know exactly how this brotherhood works and right now it works for me.