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Amanda Waller sends the Suicide Squad out on their first mission.

Diggle is shocked when he discovers the Suicide Squad is formed of all the big name criminals he and Arrow put behind bars.

Now that Oliver knows of Slade's intent to destroy everyone he loves, he pushes Sara away.

Oliver dreams of Shado beside him, bleeding, calling him a murderer.

Oliver is ready for a fight, and this time he intends to make damn sure he stays dead.

Diggle is keeping a watchful eye on Felicity outside her house.

Lyla gets back from a mission and she's very randy.

Flashback: Lyla and Diggle are in Afghanistan and she's communicating with the women they're saving. 

Amanda Waller shows up with a need for Lyla, and she needs Diggle, too. Someone found a nerve agent, and a man Diggle "saved" has it. Gholem Qadir. He's also the man who tried to buy the earthquake device from Merlyn.

Waller introduces Diggle to Task Force X. The Suicide Squad.

Laurel is counseling Sara about dating Oliver. Wow.

Oliver isn't interested in a robbery in progress, but when he gets there, Deathstroke is watching.

Shrapnel takes off and leaves in the middle of the operation and is terminated.

Oliver thinks Slade is going to use Sara to hurt him.

Diggle and Deadshot share conversation, giving Diggle new insight into the man he hated. He has a daughter and puts all of his money into a trust for her. 

Deadshot goes to Qadir's party as Diggle. What a difference a day makes.

Saving Qadir, Diggle killed a child in Afghanistan.

Lyla tells Diggle that he's rigid and blocks every viewpoint that isn't his.

Felicity worries about Oliver going it alone.

Deadshot discovers the nerve agent is too big to pocket and Waller gets eyes on the prize. She calls in a drone strike. She intends to kill everyone.

Diggle decides to out Qadir as a terrorist to get people out of the building before the drone strike.

Deadshot refuses to leave his post but Diggle won't give up on him. The drone shifts course and follows the van, not the house. Waller has it following Deadshot and his implant rather than targeting the house.

Lyla saves Deadshot but when they get back to A.R.G.U.S. Waller decides to change the implant design to make sure no more can be removed.

Oliver goes to Amanda Waller for help finding Slade. She's calling him Deathstroke.


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Arrow Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Gimme a break. This ain't no task force. Let's call it like it is. Welcome to the suicide squad.


I know exactly how this brotherhood works and right now it works for me.