Arrow Picture Preview: Canary vs. The Huntress!

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Be prepared, Arrow Fanatics.

On Arrow Season 2 Episode 17, a lot of hot, tough chicks are to kick some ass. 

Titled "Birds of Prey," the installment will find Helena Bertinelli coming back when her father Frank is arrested.

Laurel, who has apparently come into good fortune from her trips to Alcoholics Anonymous, is picked to try Frank's case, putting her right into harm's way with The Huntress.

Oliver promises to keep an eye on Helena, but things don't go as planned as The Huntress takes the courthouse - including Laurel - hostage. Canary to the rescue!

An epic battle will be waged between Canary and The Huntress - and if the photos tell a decent tale, Laurel holds her own (when she's not grasping for a wine bottle!):

If you need a refresher on any installments, you can always watch Arrow online

You can also relive our introduction to the the Suicide Squad on Arrow Season 2 Episode 16, an installment with another action-packed stunner built on the power and strength of beautiful women. 

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Oliver: Roy, you're dangerous. I thought I was helping you control it.
Roy: You are. I can't look at a bowl of water without slapping it.

That's why you called me Speedy. I thought you were trying to give me a nickname. For the record, don't call me Speedy.