Beauty and the Beast: Watch Season 2 Episode 16 Online

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On Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 16 Sam escapes from prison intent on continuing his plan for revenge while Vincent and Gabe continue their competition for Cat's love.

Cat wakes up in Vincent's bed and realizes she has made a mistake. Tess and J.T. each give their friends the same advice on how to handle their relationship woes.

Sam creates a beast in prison and escapes. He starts a path of destruction that J.T. traces leading Cat, Vincent and Gabe to a masquerade ball.

Gabe and Vincent compete at every turn for Cat's attention, almost forgetting there is a maniac on the loose.

Tess finally tells J.T. about her feelings.

Cat makes a decision and one man is unhappy enough to take a page out of Sam's playbook. Who will it be? To find out you only have to watch Beauty and the Beast online

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