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Vincent and Cat will revisit a romantic destination on the winter finale.

Sparks may be ignited between the two as a result of this new development.

Viewers are treated to a montage of "best of" moments when Cat remembers her time with Vincent. Then she realizes she's in bed with him, peels his arm off of her and leaves.

Cat is convinced it's breakup sex and Vincent doesn't understand why she left but tells J.T. he thought it was breakup sex.

Tess and J.T. give the same advice to their friends in different apartments.

Sam somehow smuggled beast potion into prison, into the hospital at the same time as one of this beast marks and injects him.

Gabe asks if Cat is having second thoughts and she admits she doesn't know.

Sam escapes from prison.

Vincent calls Cat to ask why she left and she tells him it was breakup sex, she's with Gabe and he says he won't give up on them.

Tess and J.T. talk about Cat and Vincent.

Sam shows up at a Judge's office asking about the pin talking about a secret group and encrypted files. Before he can get answers he knocks out the judge and searches his office apparently finding what he wants.

Gabe is more concerned about his relationship with Cat than Sam on the loose.

As Gabe questioned the judge Vincent kept screaming "lying" every time he, well, lied.

Vincent beasts out on the judge to get him to talk.

Vincent decides to go to the party as one of the secret society member couples but Gabe wants to be the husband. Pick a number wins out.

Husband switch in the middle of the party.

J.T. thinks he deserves an answer from Tess. She says she pulls away because he's the last person on the planet she should ever be with and it makes no sense, but then when she's away from him all she does is think of him and it drives her nuts.

Gabe and Vincent have yet another argument about Catherine.

Two men take Cat and she gets angry when Vincent comes to her rescue.

Sam finds the man responsible for the clinical trials and injects him with the beast serum.

Vincent and Cat arrive in the basement just in time for Vincent to beast fight and kill the beast Sam created.

Vincent tries to talk Sam off the ledge and his words touch Cat.

Sam jumps but Vincent saves him.

Cat chooses Vincent and Gabe pleads his case one more time, fruitlessly.

Cat arrives in her apartment and her window is open. Vincent is outside.

Vincent gives Cat a rose, tells her he loves her and they kiss.

Vincent wakes up next to Cat in bed and they're happy. A knock at the door. Vincent is arrested for murder.


Beauty and the Beast
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