Bones Picture Preview: Wrong Dead Guy

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On Bones Season 9 Episode 19 - "The Turn in the Urn" - the team tries to determine who is in the titular urn when the supposed deceased walks in on his own funeral. 


Booth is going to put up a fuss during the investigation when he learns he has to attend a funeral when there is huge Flyers game on television. Priorities, Booth!!

Flip through the photos to whet your appetite for the new installment and be back here right after for a full rundown of the episode!

Missing your friends in the interim? You can watch Bones online to keep you busy until Monday. See you then! 

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Bones Season 9 Episode 19 Quotes

Cam: Who paid for this?
Hogins: Well, the TV from Archie Bunker's TV might be missing -- only momentarily.

Wow. Todd's money seems to be funding our investigation.