Cougar Town Review: Family Matters

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It's been almost four years to the day since Travis graduated high school. 

On Cougar Town Season 5 Episode 12, Travis' big day graduating from art school finally arrived just as Chick moved in to Jules and Grayson's home. 

When Jules mentions she wants Chick to be closer, preferably in the neighborhood, I thought Grayson's house would be repurposed for him. Sure, the home was nearly destroyed during the hurricane, but Chick likes a fixer upper. 

Thankfully, my ideas weren't actually used, as Jules took Grayson's idea of talking about having Chick move in with them and ran with it. As Chick made his presence more known, Grayson grew more agitated at Chick serving as his roommate.

Chick's versatility in the plot points of Cougar Town Season 5 provide opportunities for comedy - as Chick is likely to rib better than his cohorts and make fun of himself - while also lending the series some dramatic weight. This weight comes in the form of his talks with both Jules and Grayson individually. 

Particularly, the talk with Grayson at the graduation is noteworthy. It focuses on passing the torch. Chick knows he's turned into his father-in-law that he had to put up with some many years ago in his interactions with Grayson.

It's not the best situation, but they both are willing to make some sacrifices in order to help their family out. 

Ellie, meanwhile, was devastated this week, thinking she's been demoted to the second best friend of Jules because Laurie "slutted" her way in" thanks to banging Travis. There are a few things Ellie truly cares about, but Ellie being Jules' best friend ranks at the top of list - before Andy and Stan. 

With no red balloon at this graduation, Bobby and Andy worked together to find Travis the best present they could, one that would top the rest of Bobby's gifts.

It was a wild gag, finding two wrestlers to mercilessly beat the living snot out of each other, but it somehow works for Cougar Town because Bobby was the one who believes in it so much. 

What would you use to sneak wine into a graduation? 

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That's true. I earned my spot, and you slutted your way in.


When she and I kiss, we kiss on the lips.