Dance Moms Recap: Who's That Girl?

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Who's that girl? 

It wasn't Jess Day on Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 11.

No, it was a young lady named Fallon who was brought in this week as a new member of the team.

Abby happily tells the other girls this new at pyramid, which does not include Kalani (thanks to Kira) and which features Maddie (of course) on top again.

Fallon and Kendall are given solos at In10sity in Ohio, while Jill suggests the girls do a routine for Abby's ailing mom, who is in a hospice.

Abby, naturally, tells patients there to quiet down while her girls do their thing, but she's clearly happy in the end that her team was able to bring joy to those in this situation. Some patients even join in with a dance toward the end of the visit.

But Abby's good mood doesn't last long (does it ever?) after she learns Cheryl forgot Fallon's uniform on the bus.

Cheryl continues to drop the Dance Moms ball when she doesn't have makeup or anything ready for Fallon in the dressing room, with Abby disgusted at both her failures and the other moms offering to help, or "babysit," as Abby calls it.

Time to dance! Gavin does well, as does Kendall… but Fallon actually forgets her routine and Abby actually goes to the judges to give them her newbie's background.

Still, she wins third in the solo race, with Gavin knocking off Kendall by one-tenth of a point and, yes, in the small groups, Abby's group wins it all. Again.

Abby celebrates this 10th victory, but then tells Fallon she's out of the company and has it out with Cathy in the hallway because the latter pulled her dance team from the competition.

We actually agree with Abby (shudder...) for once, that was a pretty cowardly move.

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