Hannibal Review: Brotherhood

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On Hannibal, there's an unsung brotherhood that's continually ebbing and flowing towards and away from one another. They admire their cohorts' work and they are simultaneously at the ready to take what is theirs.  

Will Graham finds himself growing closer to joining this brotherhood in Hannibal Season 2 Episode 5.  This brotherhood of murderers.

There's a constant flow of water associated with Will this installment.

He hears it dripping off Beverly's frozen body and he sees it rushing out of his sink and turning into blood after he asks his orderly "friend" to kill Hannibal. There's the roaring sound of water as he has visions of Beverly. Gideon even mentions to Alana that Will is not the Chesapeake Ripper, at least not yet. 

Will is slowly becoming what it is he is trying to catch and flee from: a killer. Everyone Will interacts with can see that he has the potential to join his brotherhood and Will is content to become that kind of man if it means he is able to kill Hannibal.

Will dreaming of becoming Hannibal - the stag- in his dreams is telling. 

Will is finding himself at or below Hannibal's level. His isolation and personality work together to further his isolation in the hospital. Hr is unable to do anything to catch the ripper even when he stands right in front of him and is in no longer welcome to really consult or help the FBI catch their own when he is on trial and being pitted against them.

Will is starting to bend his own morals to catch his killers in a competitive fashion rather than a for justice or morality. 

He's not completely there. His painful transformation into the stag is not complete, nor is he really at a point where he welcomes the changes. 

Beverly's death is still raw and painful. Just as she grew closer to Will and more of her layers are peeled back with deeper characterizations and more story, Beverly ultimately does meet her end in Hannibal's basement.

It's unfortunate that Beverly's final few moments of fighting against Hannibal aren't shown, yet it's probably for the best that Beverly's concluding moments are left up to Will to decode rather than the audience. 

With Beverly's last breaths, she gives Will the pieces he needs to confirm his suspicions. There's not a doubt in his mind about who Beverly's killer is and it's their hard work together that leads them right to where he wants to go.

Beverly found what Will is looking for and now it is a matter of Jack connecting the pieces as Will advices him to do. 

The moment with Jack and Will alone with Beverly's sliced and artfully laid body is telling of their stages in Hannibal acceptance. Will knows Hannibal's true nature, but realizes that Jack is still firmly convinced of Hannibal's morality.

Will can try to sway Jack all he wants, but until Jack makes his own connection to Hannibal being the ripper,  all of Will's work will fall on deaf ears. Beverly provides the missing link for Wil  and now it is up to Jack to find Beverly's other missing kidney to make the connection to Hannibal. 

Is Will slowly becoming a killer too? 

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