NCIS Round Table: "Dressed to Kill"

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On "Dressed to Kill," Tony's father arrived in town with some important news for his son - and also to help this CBS drama celebrate its 250th installment.

NCIS Season 11 Episode 16 opened with Tony shooting and killing a man in a dark alley. This gave Tony senior a stark view of the dangers his son faces on a regular basis.

How did our Round Table feel about Tony senior? What about Special Agent Eugene Coyle, the man assigned to investigate Tony's gunning down of the man in Navy uniform? Below, panelists Christine Orlando and Doug Wolfe break it all down.

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How would you describe the episode, in a word or three (or more)?

Christine: DiNozzo Family Affairs.

Doug: Honorable Intentions.

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What was your favorite scene or quote?

Christine: Call me a sap, but it was Tony and his father's reconciliation at the end. The hug and Tony Sr. telling his son that he loved him really felt like something they both needed, badly.

Doug: I couldn't help laughing out loud at the scene where Ducky waxed eloquent about the great fictional detective characters of the past... and then got confused when Abby piped up with I like Ace Ventura.

What, if anything, didn't work for you?

Christine:  At some point, the case just got a little too complicated and I was more interested in what was going on with Tony DiNozzo senior. And does the entire world know that they can just walk into Gibbs home at any time because he doesn't lock the doors? I wonder if they are locked when he leaves for the day and that's how people no he's not home.

Doug: I'm with Christine on the convoluted case of the week, though I missed the plot hole presented by Tony's unlocked door. The thing that didn't work for me was the constant habit of Tony Senior turning off his cell phone. Seems passive-aggressive somehow. The fact that Tony Junior did it means he's picking up some bad habits from dad.

Abby sees Special Agent Eugene Coyle as having a particular need to make life tough for Tony. Is she right Why or why not?

Christine:  No. I just think that's the way he is. No nonsense and very matter of fact. He comes off very cold but I believe he's just looking for the truth. But one of my favorite moments was Abby telling him, "Leave my lab. We're done here." She realized she was getting no where with him and he was dismissed. Very funny.

Doug:  We've seen this guy before, in NCIS Season 11 Episode 3, "Under the Radar."  I believe back then that there was some animosity between DiNozzo and Coyle, and can imagine that when the call went out for someone to investigate Tony, Coyle's hand was the first to shoot up. His character seems to be the antithesis of Tony's: where Tony is extroverted and boisterous, Coyle comes off as somewhat of an introverted nerd who, unlike McGee, lacks self-confidence. The seeds are there for some real animosity between them.

What's your impression of Tony senior?

Christine: I was a bit surprised that it just struck him how dangerous his son's job could be or that Tony would notice inconsistent military insignias on a uniforms. He's an NCIS agent! What did he think his son did every day? I was even more shocked that he'd tell Tony he should consider another line of work. As if that's going to happen. It all highlighted how very little he knows about his son.

Doug: I was never much of a fan of him. Christine brings up a very good point: senior is still trying to call the shots with his boy instead of respecting him for the man he is and the choices he's made. Add to that all of the other stuff we know about senior - his willingness to barge into Tony's sanctuary (his apartment) and have sex with the neighbor lady on Tony's bed (NCIS Season 10 Episode 10) - and you have the ingredients of an unapologetic narcissistic character; a guy you just wouldn't want to have around.

Here's hoping that married life will have a positive effect on him. That reconciliation scene with his son at the end was touching, too.

Was the case of the week involving the Senator's aide plausible? Why or why not?

Christine: Eh. To be honest. I wasn't all that interested in the case. It got a little too convoluted and I just stopped caring. However, I did like that the crying assistant ended up being involved.

Doug: It was terrifically complicated - maybe more than it needed to be. The idea that greed and romance would be involved certainly rings true. The thing that made the case compelling for me was the integrity of the senator.   Once she discovered her employee was involved, she considered resigning because she knew her office had lost credibility with the public. I had to admire that.

Douglas Wolfe was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. He retired in 2016. Follow him on Twitter


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NCIS Season 11 Episode 16 Quotes

Tony: Don't be stupid, probie. I can make your life miserable. Just ask McGee.
Bishop: We saw your father at the hotel with a woman.
Tony: And?
Bishop: And she's very beautiful.
Tony: And?
Bishop: Very young. And, she's very pregnant.

Tony: So here's what I'm thinking. You jump on a later plan, and we all go out and have a little family dinner.
Tony Sr.: I love you, Tony.  I love you.