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This 250th episode of NCIS featured Tony Senior, who came to town with some important news.

But that was upstaged by his son killed a man. Yikes!

Enter NCIS Special Agent Eugene Coyle, Tony's nemesis and the man assigned to investigate him.

Tony Junior, now benched and frustrated because he isn't allowed to do his job, focuses - or tried to focus - on his father and the reason his dad came to town. Only he can't reach him by phone. 

No surprise there; Tony senior is good at playing the child-man who often appears less mature than his son.

Find out how it all unfolds when you watch NCIS online now.

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 16 Quotes

Tony: Don't be stupid, probie. I can make your life miserable. Just ask McGee.
Bishop: We saw your father at the hotel with a woman.
Tony: And?
Bishop: And she's very beautiful.
Tony: And?
Bishop: Very young. And, she's very pregnant.

Tony: So here's what I'm thinking. You jump on a later plan, and we all go out and have a little family dinner.
Tony Sr.: I love you, Tony.  I love you.