New Girl: Watch Season 3 Episode 19 Online

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Who's the boss? It's Jess!

But does it really suit her?

In the short time we saw her wield her vice princi-power in New Girl Season 3 Episode 19, she had to fire Coach, balance the school budget, get yelled at by her boss, and get hit in the head with volleyballs a seriously unhealthy amount of times - not exactly the most thrilling introduction to life at the top.

Will Jess continue her climb to the top of the middle school administrative food chain, stomping everyone else in her way? Probably not. But the only way to know for sure is to watch New Girl online.

And if you get repeatedly hit in the head with a volleyball, for pete's sake, go see a doctor. That stuff is serious!

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New Girl Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

What do you call a lunatic who's only got one case and no hobbies? Your worst nightmare.


I don't like kids, I don't like teaching, I just like paychecks.