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-Jess hires Coach to coach after-school sports at her school.

-Coach loves working there, and the students adore him.

-Coach urges Jess to go after her dream of being promoted to vice principal.

-Jess asks for a promotion, and receives it.

-Her first act as vice principal is to handle the budget--which the principal decides is best dealt with via some lay-offs.

-Since he was the most recent hire, Jess must fire Coach.

-Despondent, Jess realizes that she has made a mistake, and drags Coach back to school to oversee the big game.

-When the principal questions her methods, Jess commits to find new ways of cutting the budget that don't involve firing devoted, popular teachers.

-A man wanders into the storefront filled with Schmidt's stuff, mistaking it for a store.

-Schmidt encourages the confusion, trying to sell him a lamp--but finds himself in trouble when the man falls, injures him arm, and declares that he will sue him.

-Nick volunteers to handle the case as Schmidt's lawyer, but Schmidt soon fires him, choosing to represent himself.

-Nick refuses to take "no" for an answer and shows up anyway, arguing aggressively and winning the case for Schmidt.

-Cece hits it off with a 20-year-old who sneaks into the bar.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

What do you call a lunatic who's only got one case and no hobbies? Your worst nightmare.


I don't like kids, I don't like teaching, I just like paychecks.