The Mentalist Round Table: "Grey Water"

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Wayne and Grace headed to Austin in The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 14 - but did fans get what they wanted when the old gang got back together?

TV Fanatics Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined for this edition of the Round Table by The Mentalist fan Donnamour1969 to decide who is targeting the CBI and why Jane wasn't on the case.

The Mentalist Round Table 1-27-15

Who do you think is targeting the former CBI?

Robin: My money's on Volker, just because he would have the kind of resources to make that happen. Haibach's not well-connected enough. But I'm still remembering that woman in the cemetery when Jane killed Red John, so I'm not writing off the Blake Association just yet.

Donnamour1969:  I think Richard Haibach is doing the dirty work, seeking vengeance after he promised to when he was tortured earlier in the season by Bob Kirkland. But I'm not so sure it is just him. Tommy Volker could very well be holding the strings.  I'm sure he'd like some vengeance of his own.

Christine: So many suspects. I like the idea of Tommy Volker just because he was such a great nemesis for Lisbon. I'd love to see her have to go head to head with him again with Jane as her backup. But there are so many ways they can go with this story that it could be almost anyone.

Should Jane have been pulled for the fracking case?

Robin: Realistically, yes - he wasn't helping the other case, so it made sense. However, Jane's nonchalance about the case seemed out of character - he did like LaRoche, and his only friends are being targeted. It seemed weird that he wasn't willing to do some leg work and question some of the suspects.

Donnamour1969:  This was my main gripe about the episode. The secondary case was pointless, and it seemed totally unlike Jane not to be more involved in the CBI murderer case, especially when it affected his friends. He really owes them for all the times they stuck by him with Red John. Plus, the case was boring.

Christine: Why wouldn't Jane be involved in the CBI case. He was intimately involved in taking down many of the suspects. If the FBI hired Patrick Jane for his unique insights then it seems to me that Jane should be on this case. Plus, as Donnamour1969 mentioned, the fracking case was seriously boring.

Were you surprised that Abbott backed Lisbon about Haibach?

Robin: Pleasantly surprised. Abbott does seem to always have his team's back, and he's constantly endearing himself to me. 

Donnamour1969: I admit to being a bit surprised, but I keep underestimating Abbot. I really want to dislike him and be resentful, but I keep surprising myself by liking him more and more.

Christine: I think Robin's on to something. Now that Jane and LIsbon are a part of his team, Abbott views them differently than he did when they were suspects. More and more he appears to value their worth as individuals and it's fun to watch. 

What did you think about having the old team back together?

Robin: Honestly, I found the reunion a tad disappointing. Jane was off on another case, Lisbon was working on her own, and I think the new FBI setting kinda throws off the chemistry. 

Donnamour1969:  It was wonderful - for the five minutes, we had it. I felt denied by that. And then we didn't even get to see them all getting together for a drink. These may be the waning days of the show and of Rigsby and Van Pelt's involvement in it. We deserved more.

Christine: I loved that Kimball Cho gave both Wayne and Grace hugs when they arrived but Jane felt so stand offish that it was kind of odd. He hasn't seen them in years. You'd think there'd be more of a warm welcome. And it was disappointing that we didn't get to see them actually work together for more than one conversation. 

What was your favorite scene from this Mentalist Season 6 episode?

Robin: I really enjoyed the execution of Jane's plan at the gas station, with the creepy "London Bridge" playing in the cars. I love that Abbott is willing to go along with Jane's schemes, and he seemed to be having fun with it.

Donnamour1969: The opening scene by far was the best. I knew something bad was coming, and the fact that the baby was involved made things even scarier. My heart was pounding. I wish the entire episode had been like that.

Christine: Definitely the opening scene. Wayne desperately holding on to his baby daughter while trying to protect her from the bullets flying through their home was pretty horrifying. I really felt his terror and was relieved when Grace came to the rescue. I only wish that Grace could have actually shot the guy. 

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