The Originals Review: Blood Is Thicker

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It's hard to believe there are only seven episodes left of The Originals season 1. Hard to believe and also sad. Super sad.

This series grows better and better each week, repeatedly humanizing and redeeming its central characters while also allowing them to be complete jerks at the same time. 

It's weird, that dichotomy, and yet it's there, as we saw on The Originals Season 1 Episode 15.

Tonight The Originals flashed back to 1919 to share the story of what happened when Mikael came to town to make the original siblings run. Those scenes were paralleled nicely with the modern day scenes which saw Rebekah and Marcel running while Klaus stepped into his father's shoes.

We also saw Elijah's vampire face for the very first time. TWICE! 

As so many of The Originals season 1 episodes have done, this felt a little "kitchen sink," which, if I'm being totally honest, always makes me feel a little overwhelmed. There's so much going on that the episode because every possible story that can be discussed is and it's all shoved into a single hour.

But then, as is almost always the case, the end of these dialogue-heavy, everybody's-paired-up episodes is that some stories are resolved and new story arcs can emerge.

For the sake of keeping things straight, let's just review the episode in the same format and then see if we can't bring it all together at the end, okay? Cool. Here goes.

Klaus and Cami

Elijah summons Cami to help with Klaus once he undaggers his baby brother. He knows that if anyone has a shot at talking sense into Klaus, it's Cami, and she certainly gives it the old college try.

Camille sees in Klaus what no one else - save Elijah - can see. She sees what Klaus himself doesn't want to see. His humanity.

She knows that he has a capacity for good and refuses to let him give in to his darker ambitions without first trying to counsel him otherwise. Often it seems as if she'll get through to him.

Klaus' telling of the story of Mikael's arrival in New Orleans, the one which forced them to run after finding a home for themselves, humanized the character more than perhaps anything before. He gave Marcel and Rebekah his blessing and found love, or something like it, with a Crescent Wolf.

Klaus was happy. He was home.

Mikael's arrival and promise to burn the city to the ground and kill anyone who would remember the good Klaus did there wrecked the hybrid. Given the harsh words Mikael spoke to Klaus before the "show" he compelled the theater goers to applaud, it's no wonder Klaus was left a lot damaged by the experience.

Their encounter with Mikael revived Klaus' paranoia turning him into the Klaus we met once upon a time in Alaric's body. (RIP, Ric!)

Learning of Rebekah and Marcel's betrayal only furthered what Mikael's hatred started. 

Cami's urging that he not become his father was a powerful one, and one that, for at least a minute, I thought might work. If there's one thing Klaus hates, it's Mikael, so if there's one person Klaus would not want to become it's him. 

Ultimately, that wasn't enough to convince Klaus to forgive his sister for her betrayal and he vowed instead to kill her quickly.

But Elijah won't let that happen.

Elijah and Celeste (and Hayley)

After asking Cami to talk to Klaus, Elijah went in search of Celeste to end her once and for all for the pain and trouble she's caused in the present day. 

Hayley, as we knew from The Originals Season 1 Episode 14, got to her first. She asked Celeste to reverse the curse on the Crescent wolves and Celeste obliged, knowing that returning the wolves to their human form would be the best thing for Hayley and the worst thing for Elijah.

Breaking the curse means giving Hayley a different family. Her blood family. And that means she's likely to choose them over Elijah, which could not please Celeste more.

She doesn't want Elijah back. She wants him to be miserable and alone.

After giving Hayley the antidote to the curse, she and Elijah share a moment where he seems to acknowledge silently the fact that there's a good chance he's losing her to her wolfpack by helping her free them.

Maybe it's out of anger over that realization, or maybe it's because we've all been good and patient fans for so long now, but we finally get to see Elijah's vampire face as he bites Celeste and whooshes her out of the woods and back into the cemetery. 

Whether he anticipated Celeste would kill Sabine's body that night or just that she would at some point is unclear, but earlier he handed Monique Devereux a spell from Esther's grimmoire that would put Celeste back into her original body rendering her able to be killed, which he does while Rebekah and Klaus also arrive at the cemetery and they all discover they're trapped together.

And why are they trapped? One word: Davina.

Rebekah and Marcel

Rebekah and Marcel begin to flee New Orleans, but they know they can't hide forever. They need a witch's help to perform a cloaking spell which will shield them from Klaus for good.

Marcel convinces Rebekah to return for Davina's body with the plan to kill Bastiana and Genevieve hoping that one of their deaths might trigger Davina's resurrection from the Reaping ceremony. Using Thierry, Marcel is able to kill Bastiana by tapping into his inner Ripper and pulling her head right off her shoulders. 

Genevieve, however, escapes, but since Elijah killed Celeste, that's two resurrected witches whose lives might be exchanged for Davina's. As it turns out, they're correct, and at the end of the episode, just as Klaus and Elijah are ready to fight over Rebekah (and we see Elijah's vamp face for a second time) Davina wakes up.

There is little doubt that Davina will be the one to stop Klaus and Elijah's fight next week and save Rebekah somehow. She does have an alliance with the original sister, after all, and her loyalties are still with Marcel.

Genevieve is still roaming about, but there's a nice setup here for the remaining seven episodes to revolve, once again, around healing the Mikaelson family. Hayley will also have the baby at some point before the end of the season, and that will undoubtedly create tension in the family. 

The question then is whether or not their relationships can be healed. Or are they doomed to a lifetime of dysfunction and power struggles? Just how thick is the blood which binds them all together as family?

What did you think of The Originals Season 1 Episode 15? Were you shocked to learn that Klaus gave Rebekah and Marcel his blessing? What role do you think Davina will play in Klaus and Elijah's feud?

Do you want to see more flashbacks involving Mikael?

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The Originals Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Careful, Sabine, or Celeste, or whatever you like to call yourself. Sudden moves make me jumpy and homicidal.


Cami: Why am I here?
Elijah: Because of all the people who could be here, you're probably the only one he wouldn't immediately slaughter.