The Young and the Restless Recap: No Adam, No Nothing

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Was anybody else extremely disappointed with this week's The Young and the Restless?

I actually had to rewatch all of the episodes today to try to find something to write about, but there is so little happening it's a bit on the sad side.

Even Victoria's "decision" to get a divorce didn't make much of an impact because I don't think anyone really believes her. I don't. And what about daddy of the year, Billy? After dancing around Kelly all week he decided to take Johnny out for the evening to tire him out. 

Instead he pawned him off on another table, sat with Kelly for five minutes, picked the kid up and then bragged about how tired the little guy was when he got him home. Here's how a boys night out looks in Billy's mind:

Father of the Year

Victor visited Victoria to ask her to move back to the ranch. Since she quit him about a month ago when she learned about his deception about Adam, we can only hope she keeps her distance. 

Speaking of Adam, enough with the red herrings. If they want to recast him, then do it. In the meantime, let him die and let characters move on so when and if he does come back it will really shake things up. Nothing will make for a better story than if Chelsea is wildly in love and her beloved Adam returns. Someone is in a bed somewhere; great. The business with the dry cleaning tag was just cruel.

Neil was extra mopey about Leslie this week. For a while it seemed like he might get entangled with Hilary, but he seems too depressed to be doing much of anything right now. Not that I blame him. His beliefs about marriage shouldn't be taken lightly and if Leslie loved him as much as she claimed, she'd be willing to commit. Her fear tells us she's not as in love as she thinks.

Devon being with Esmeralda and her being welcomed by Lily while she slings the term slut at Hilary is too much. All while Lily wears what looks like flower petals as a skirt. Meanwhile Esmeralda is so transparent she's practically invisible. They haven't even written her to pretend to be anything but a gold digger. Is anyone enjoying this storyline???

Sharon continued to clutch at fauxCassie and carry on conversations with her just one nanosecond before Nick stumbled upon Sharon looking silly and feeble. He needs his hearing tested if he didn't hear two people shouting in the living room and a door slam before Sharon fell to the floor. 

And yet I can't give up on them. Sharon and Nick feel right together and they're keeping things alive in the romance department. There is very little loving happening and these two are finding their way back only to be torn apart. I'm guessing that Summer will end up being Nick's daughter, but Sharon didn't mess with the tests, and fauxCassie is a lost twin. Anyone?

Chloe and Kevin got married speaking of people who need things examined. They could both use a little time in therapy. Kevin is so clueless. At least Chloe called it like it was -- a marriage of convenience to keep her out of the nuthouse. Even after Kevin said he loved her long before that, she still said it was a crazy idea. Hmmm... maybe she's not the crazy one in this new marriage.

My favorite part of the week was the return of Gloria, even with Jeffrey in tow, because she brought some laughs and levity to the wedding celebration. She's so much fun and it was a breath of fresh air to have someone pointing out the obvious, saying what she thinks and not stopping when someone told her to stop. 

Everything is so darn serious right now that we need someone to keep the juices flowing. 

Although saying that, at the end of Friday's episode it seemed as though Kelly might be done playing nice. After Jack tried to pay her off, frowny face Billy brushed her off again (why does she even want him? her or Victoria?) and she learned Stitch was interested in Vic, she might start being a fun bad girl instead of a put upon one.

It's too bad Cynthia Watros is leaving the role just when it's about to get ugly. She's so good at playing bad.

What do you think? Are you ready to see some action? Are things moving too slowly for your taste? Do we need to talk more around her? Spill in the comments!!

Would Kelly be more fun if she were really bad?

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