The Young and the Restless Recap: Sharon and Nick Kiss!

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There was a lot more relationship stuff going on this week than we even saw during Valentine's Day on The Young and the Restless.

Granted, not all of it was good thanks to the ongoing drama with Billy and Victoria, but one long-term couple did make it back into each other's arms and it felt right.

That's right -- Victor's big plan to destroy any possibility of Nick returning to Sharon backfired in a big way as they two fell into each other's arms at the end of the week. Who didn't see the coming from a mile away? That doesn't mean it wasn't nice to see them together again. They just fit.

I'm calling it -- the look alike is their daughter and Sharon didn't mess with Summer's paternity papers. She only thought she did. Who's with me??

Sharon and Nick Kiss

You know who just doesn't fit anymore? Victoria and Billy. Does anybody even care about these two? There is zero chemistry between the new with the loss of Billy Miller as Billy Newman. Making it worse is the ridiculous decision for him to play as the put upon husband because Vickie went out for a revenge kiss -- not sex, mind you, but a kiss. 

Get over it, Billy, you had sex with another woman and then when you made the worst superhero attempt ever told the entire town about it at your daughter's memorial benefit. Vic can kiss who she wants at this point.

The only thing they can do is tear them apart and hope something can be built between them because right now there is nothing but annoyance and there is far too much screen time spent on them.

Kelly's trying to get her life back on track, and all signs point to her doing that with Jack. It will only make things worse when doofy Billy shows signs of jealously or something when they start dating but you know it's coming -- especially with Cady McClain taking over the role.

Chelsea got another phone call from the air this week and demanded that Victor start searching for Adam. Even though he looked at all of the photos of his kids (did you notice he doesn't even have one of Adam anymore?) and that's what supposedly prompted him to call her to get his medical records to start searching, I think he probably knows where Adam is.

He only decided to call Chelsea when Noah told him to get lost and it's that loss that made him realize that keeping Adam away just means he has less family to boss around. What do you think? Has he made sure Adam's tight and warm under that blanket?

It was a nice effort to try to make Jill and Colin more interesting this week with all of the role playing while they were examining the photo and telling tales about it, but I got even more lost than I was about it in the first place. It's hard to care about Colin when he is, generally, scum. Are you guys excited about their story?

Something that is interesting is how Hilary has bounced back. Watching Lily rail onto her is just embarrassing for Lily. It seems like Hilary might get torn between Neil and Devon. Last week it seemed pretty clear they were heading in the direction of putting Hilary and Devon on a collision course, and discovering his girlfriend was only interested in his money added more fuel to that fire.

But Hilary and Neil got along very well. She's wise beyond her years and after what Leslie did to him, I think Neil might be looking for someone fresh and full of life. At first I thought he was interested in her for Devon, but then -- why not for himself? The more Lily hates on her the more likely it seems.

Do you think it was a mistake to bring back David Tom as Billy?

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