Twisted Review: Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

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Ma$e sang about it about back in the 90's and sometimes it really does prove to be true. More money can equal more problems.

On Twisted Season 1 Episode 15, Danny inherited his father's life insurance: all $10 million worth.

Karen Desai was primed and ready to inherit that money. Karen has never said much against Vikram in the first half of Twisted season 1. In fact, she always stayed pretty poised and quiet about it all.

The second she found out he had been alive this whole time, a new side of Karen was unleashed.

I said after Twisted Season 1 episode 14 that Karen was looking really suspect when she mentioned the life insurance policy to Jack. It even made Jack look iffy because he's so in love with Karen and we were already wondering who moved Vikram's body.

If Karen is in fact involved, I would say maybe she should've acted a little less excited about it all. Going on a shopping spree right away? That sets off some red flags! And if Karen wasn't, well, it's too late now because Danny just spilled the beans.

Stop. I have to lie everywhere else. Don't make me do it here. You know. You know I killed Dad.

Everything that Charlie said about how a secret can be used as a way to punish yourself is proving to be true. Danny is torturing himself over what he thinks he and Jo did. Lacey can see it, other people can see it. Now he inherited this money and that's certainly going to fan the flames. Danny doesn't think he deserves $10 million.

Jo seems to be doing slightly better with the whole secret-keeping thing. She squashed Charlie's concerns by agreeing to skip some rocks and go to the diner. It also helps that Jo has another drama to focus on: her mom.

So we all knew Tess knew Vikram was alive. Karen is pissed enough to throw a casserole at her. Kyle doesn't even know what to do. How much heat is Tess going to take?

I felt that the whole "I gave a baby up for adoption and Vikram helped me" storyline was so out of left field. I assume this other kid is going to come into the picture at some point. Do you think that Kyle will be less angry after hearing that?

It just seems that no matter what Danny does he's always going to be in a bad position. Should he have told Karen the truth? Whether or not he though his mom was involved, did he need to get the secret out? 

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I don't get it. Somebody moved the body, put it in that car. I mean, is someone trying to protect us?


I want this wrapped up as quickly and discreetly as possible. I want that bastard in the ground.