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After Danny and Jo had a blowup fight because of what Charlie's been telling Jo, Danny decided it was time to confront Charlie on Twisted Season 1 Episode 17

First, Danny and Jo tried to tell Charlie the truth about how Vikram died.

Meanwhile, Chief Masterson was still investigating some DNA he had found in Vikram's car. Chief's first suspect was Jack and some testing led to Jack being brought down to the station.

Meanwhile Lacey and Whitney hit the clubs to distract Lacey from her breakup with Danny. Whitney seemed like a great wing-woman until she leaned in and planted one on Lacey!

With Charlie on a date with Jo, Danny took the opportunity to snoop in Charlie's bedroom. Find out what Danny found when you watch Twisted online!

Learning About Danny
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Twisted Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

You used me, you planned all of it.


They may be mad at me but they don't want me to go to jail.