Arrow Picture Preview: Deathstroke Infiltrates the Lair!

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The Arrow lair has a security problem.

Maybe having a lair under a crowded bar isn't the best idea in the world. First, there was a security breach by The Clock King and, on Arrow Season 1 Episode 19, Deathstroke will head in while in full costume, surprising everyone.

While it looks like everyone give it their best shot (quite literally, Diggle is taking aim with a gun), one member of Team Arrow will wind up in the hospital after the fight.

Can four regular humans fight off a Mirakuru infused superman in a super suit? Probably not.

Elsewhere, look for Laurel to grapple with the information Slade planted on her - Oliver is the Arrow - and for Thea to reach a breaking point. Just when he's ready to intervene, Slade steps in and Oliver has to decide what is more important; family or his feud with Slade.

Flip through the photos and watch Arrow online until the series returns a week from Wednesday.

Oliver Ready to Spring Into Action

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