Continuum: Watch Season 3 Episode 2 Online

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On Continuum Season 3 Episode 2 in order to keep things from spiraling out of control, Kiera must lie to Current Alec, whom she trusts implicitly.

Kiera also brings Carlos into the fold when she has no other way to deal with her own dead body. Knowing the timeline has been breached and that his partner and friend is dead turns out to be a lot for him to handle.

Kiera works with the two Alecs to help find the mayor elect when he is kidnapped by Liber8. 

Future Alec is happy that Emily is alive as her time of death rolls past. He then realizes he cannot have an active role in his old life in this timeline.

Kiera remembers what made her become a Protecter in her past in the future when she finds her family's apartment on the market. 

Another body is added to the death count in the timeline that was disrupted by Alec. Find out who it is and how it happened when you watch Continuum online!

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Continuum Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Kiera: You destroyed everything. My family may never exist now, thanks to you.
Alec: I know. I know and I’m sorry.

When someone travels back in time to a time when they have existed, they will run into themselves. And it causes problems.