I'm not here to work for the company. I'm here to tear it down.


Kellog: Two Alecs enter. One Alec leaves. Congratulations.
Alec: Thanks.

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I chose you. I chose you because I believe in a better future than mine, one that I know you will build.


Your future dies with me.


CAlec: This is like kidnapping.
Carlos: No, this is exactly kidnapping.

But it does mean that we want to change our future before it comes into being. hat is a fight I can get behind, that is a fight worth sacrificing for and it's a legacy I want to leave for those who come after us.


Kiera: I just feel like I have this bizarre perspective that nobody will ever understand. Except you.
Brad: It's like we're two sides of the same argument.
Kiera: The genius is not to have the argument.

For the first time in a long time, he feels closer. But I feel like I belong here. Sam is part of a dream I had. And the funny thing is, even with Liber8 trying to destroy everything that lead to him, somehow he still feels possible.


Kiera: Is he safe?
Brad: He's your family. He's my family.
Kiera: Not the family I was trying to get back to.
Brad: I know.
Kiera: The strange thing, aside from all of all if it, is that if you hadn't shot me, I never would have found you.
Brad: Kiera Cameron. You are the key.

Sonya: Fight or flight Protector. They're both bad choices.
Kiera: You don't believe that.

Alec: Who are you?
Brad: Different timeline.
Kiera: Different future.
Alec: So nobody in this car is from now?

Whatever it is you believe, Catherine, I don't.


Continuum Quotes

You can't escape your fate, Kiera.


Soon you'll know everything I know. Soon you'll see the battlefield for the first time.