Cougar Town Review: Farewell For Now

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As Cougar Town Season 5 Episode 13 comes to a close, we find ourselves in familiar territory. 

Will the cul-de-sac crew come back for another season of pounding some grape? 

There are echoes of a season finale here, but there are echoes of a series finale too. If TBS does end up putting a cork in Cougar Town, there is enough to be satisfied at the ending.

As much as Cougar Town pumps out consistently good comedy week after week, it's the bonds between the characters - and watching these characters swim through life - that is most enjoyable.

Jules asking Laurie for a urine sample after her get healthy binge flames out from Ellie's happy pills fiasco is wonderful, yet the big news is Laurie is pregnant.

Laurie's pregnancy brings a new spin to the entire show. Not only does it cement Travis and Laurie's relationship - a relationship that's been mostly stagnating for the entire season until now - it also places a new spin on how the characters see themselves. 

Grayson and Bobby suddenly find themselves in a situation where, aside from their break off with the local break dancers, their age is starting to catch up with them.

They may feel young at heart and feel like they are still with youth culture, but family trees have a way of catching up with all of us. They will soon be grandpas and their roles will soon change too. 

Chick is the only one who is "genetically engineered" to help guide everyone to this next stage. He helps Travis envision his life with Laurie and he helps Jules begin to see that Travis will be just fine. He gives Mama Bear Jules the emotional confidence necessary to be at peace with this new development - and once Jules sanctions anything, the rest of crew follows through. 

Chick is best in this role of supporting his family. The emotional weight he brings to the show is unmatched by any other member on the cast.

The pregnancy is a good stopping and starting point to the series. We can be rest assured that the crew will find themselves navigating their new roles with a baby on board but still very much happy and drinking heavily (minus Laurie).

And, if the show does go on, the baby on board gives the show a shot in the arm for stories to tell and putting new twists on the characters. The baby gives Travis so much more maturity, equalizing him more so with the rest of the adults in the show.

Callbacks and Connections:

  • Jules and Ellie's Lesbian relationship is highlight again when Jules ponders if she and Ellie should just head west. Ellie has her Thelma and Louise bag ready to go and mentions they can kiss across state lines. Just once I would love to see this happen. Jules or Ellie can even dream the entire thing!
  • Pounding some grape and Jules answering questions about her drinking habits.
  • Laurie literally experiencing one of her stories - this time getting hit in the face by a two by four.

Are you satisfied if this is truly the end of Cougar Town?

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Cougar Town Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

I have two hours to get healthy. It's like cramming for a test.


Jules: You know, I was trying to find the perfect setting and now I just don't know what to do. I know I have to tell them, or, a different approach, we hop in a car, drive west, and never look back.
Ellie: Don't joke! I packed my Thelma and Louise bag six years ago, so say the word I'll go grab it.