Game of Thrones Review: It's Only Wine

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Ramsay made his return this week on Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2. It was an episode dominated by the forgotten sons from several families.

No longer the prize hostage he once was when "whole," Theon still proved valuable as he confessed to not actually killing Bran and Rickon. Ramsay was given a chance to redeem himself by his father:

Deliver the two young Stark boys and he would prove himself a true Bolton.

In a not so subtle transition, we went form Ramsay the manhood flayer, to Tyrion... who dined on sausage and implored his brother to do the same.

You lost a hand, not a stomach.


Jaime had no appetite, though, as he continued to struggle with his identity. To him, his value as a Lannister was lost along with his hand.

When Jaime fumbled his glass of wine, Tyrion tried to assuage him by pointing out how it was just wine that he spilled. This scene would take on extra meaning later at the royal wedding.

In the meantime, Tyrion seized the opportunity to help his brother by having Bronn meet with Jaime in private to work on his weak hand.

With his handsome sibling back in town, Tyrion took steps to solidify his place in the newly shuffled deck of Lannister players.

 Tywin still remained his biggest threat, however, especially after Varys informed him that Shae had been spotted leaving his chambers. Tyrion's harsh exchange with her was of course his way of trying to protect her. Like when John Lithgow punched Harry at the end of Harry and the Hendersons.

With Shae gone he can focus on protecting Sansa which is a key to him remaining a player in the overall game.

The peace that the Lannister's were enjoying we know was all but temporary.

In the Stannis camp, Melisandre took measures to make things right with the god of light by burning three people at the stake. Like Tyrion, Stannis's wife Selyse seemed to subscribe to the proverbial camp of if you can't beat em join em.

She shared her husband's table with his enchanted concubine and went as far as to suggest their daughter be counseled by the red witch. It should be interesting to see Shireen's development. While most avert their eyes from her disfigured face, she has a knack for seeing people for who they really are.

As we caught back up with Bran and his group, his visions pointed him North. Ramsay will be looking for him to seek refuge at the wall, but something else is drawing him away down a different path.

At the royal wedding, not everyone was in festive mood, most notably Olenna Tyrell. In addition to being stuck with the tab, she voiced her disgust at the events of the red wedding to Sansa, who surely appreciated hearing some genuine empathy.

War is war, but killing a man at a wedding, horrid. What sort of monster would do such a thing? As if men need more reasons to fear marriage.


Tyrion's line about spilled wine came back into focus as Joffrey fell to the ground poisoned after drinking from the glass his belittled uncle gave him.

Tyrion, of course, is NOT to blame, despite his sister's accusations. With all the jabs Olenna took at the ceremony and reception, I have to think she had a hand in Joffrey's death.

It makes sense now that Dontos appeared before Sansa after meeting with Olenna and again this week at the moment of Joffrey's death. Also, there was Oberyn, who may have taken his first step to repaying the Lannisters for the atrocities they inflicted on his family.

Tyrion's fate in the wake of his sister's accusation is yet to be seen, but with the long overdue departure of Joffrey the insufferable, the Lannister camp's underbelly will be exposed as they squabble internally.

We've added King Joffrey to the following list. What a stunner.

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