Grimm Review: Coming Home

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It's been three years in the making, but thanks to Grimm Season 3 Episode 17, all sides are beginning to come together in Portland as the royal baby makes her presence known.

This installment was incredibly satisfying.

Not all plot points were out in the open, but so many of the threads that have been building since way back in Grimm Season 1 began to weave together.

The question of how Grimm's are spotted by Wesen was revealed: their eyes turn a dark black after Wesen Wogue, allowing Wesen to see themselves reflected. 

Nick's mom, Kelly, was also back in Portland - is quickly becoming my favorite person for witty banter. A personal favorite is when she's argued semantics with Nick over killing Adalind's mother: 

You know, just for the record, I did not actually kill her she impaled herself.


Kelly brought up the idea that the Royal Baby needs to lead a life away from both the Verrat and the Resistance in order to truly its great potential and destiny; and Juliette a few moments later brought up synchronicity, the idea that events may not be causally related but are still connected by meaning.

This leads one to wonder whether the baby and Nick have much more in common than one thinks. 

The flashback with Nick going with Aunt Marie was similar to Kelly's ideas for the baby. Nick grew up away from being a Grimm, getting to lead a normal life free of that kind of world.

He's gone into this world completely blind and is forging his own path that is free of tired traditions and rituals with which he does not agree. Taking everyone on an individual basis. Nick's destiny, much like Adalind's unnamed baby, is much greater than what either side see him for. 

The other big development with Nick and Juliette was the reemergence of the engagement ring.

Both Nick and Juliette are beginning to think about weddings again, thanks to Monroe and Rosalee, and Nick was about to propose once again before they were interrupted by the reunion from hell.

It could be Nick and Juliette rushing down the aisle before Monroe and Rosalee at this point, but more than the marriage there's the royal baby. 

Perhaps I'm readying too much into this, but I wonder if Grimm is beginning to set up Nick and Juliette taking care of the baby.

Adalind and Renard both have strong ties to the kid, of course, but their lives are so entrenched in the resistance now and in the crosshairs of the Verrat and Royals that they might not be able to provide the stability the baby needs.

Nick and Juliette might be best equipped to take care of it; or Kelly, hoping to not doom her same mistakes, will take the baby and raise her as normally as possible - giving her a do over. 

This kind of development would bring the mistrust issues that Nick has with Adalind and Renard back to the forefront. 

What do you think, is Grimm setting up the Royal Baby to go elsewhere? 

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Grimm Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

That was a hell of a coma you put me in bitch.


You know, just for the record, I did not actually kill her she impaled herself.